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Tour of a Garden in Ireland

We have a real treat this Monday – Paul Jackson takes us on a tour of his garden in Ireland!

"We are based in County Louth in Ireland. We moved to the cottage in 2006 and had a blank canvas to work on as there was no garden to speak of. We divided the garden into three, a perennial garden & borders to the front of the cottage , the middle garden is grasses and a wildlife pond, and the lower garden is the greenhouse and fruit trees. To say it's been a joy is an understatement!"

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  1. user-7007498 03/21/2016

    Awesome pictures. I love the perennial border up to the house. Terrific repetition and interesting visual forms. Love the way you partitioned the property. Looks like you are having fun. Thanks for sharing. I love Ireland. My father grew up just outside Dublin, and I have been over many time to visit relatives.

  2. User avater
    meander_michaele 03/21/2016

    All your stands of perennials look so robust and healthy. I don't know if you just lucked out with having wonderful soil or you have done a lot of amending to it but your plants are certainly thriving! The muted stone of your home is a beautiful backdrop for gardens galore and it's so nice that you take such joy in your outside work.

  3. diane_lasauce 03/21/2016

    What a grand accomplishment in merely ten years! I envy your borders and paver edging. Gravel is the way to go, and the crunch under foot is so delightful. The stone cottage is eye candy for us in the US. Cheers and thanks for sharing!

  4. user-4691082 03/21/2016

    Wow! Way to go Paul...everything looks so lush and healthy! I hope you have many years to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

  5. Quiltingmamma 03/21/2016

    Lovely garden. I like the partitioning and zones - particularly the seating area around the water feature. Lovely.

  6. annek 03/21/2016

    Beautiful. You've established a wonder-full garden surrounding your lovely cottage. That first photo is a stunner with such a vibrant array of color. Well done.

  7. VikkiVA 03/21/2016

    Paul, you have done a masterful job creating a beautiful landscape. I'm an agapanthus lover so it was a treat to see them in bloom!. You have a great mix of color and hardscape. Vikki in VA

  8. sheila_schultz 03/21/2016

    What is it about gardens in Ireland that are so enchanting? The foliage seems to often be such an intense green that it makes the surrounding colors explode! Your gardens are quite lovely Paul... there is no question that they are tended with love! Pretty cool that you have a few 'spikes' sitting around, too ;)

  9. User avater
    LindaonWhidbey 03/21/2016

    Hi Paul, when we moved to coastal WA 4 years ago, we were delighted to find that our weather was almost identical to that of Ireland especially since we've seen such amazing gardens there. It's very encouraging to see what you've done in 10 years and I like the way you partitioned your property. Everything looks so lush that while your temps might mirror ours, your soil must be better. I hope you keep having fun and get a chance to share more pictures.

  10. User avater
    HelloFromMD 03/21/2016

    Hi Paul, so beautiful, love that Lucifer Crocosomia! Your property is so inviting and orderly, love the gravel paths. I have edged some of my gardens and hope to do more. It makes such a difference. Happy spring.

  11. greengenes 03/21/2016

    Beautiful gardens, Paul! And in a wonderful place! What a treat to have a blank slate to start with! Everything grows better in Ireland!

  12. shyde 03/21/2016

    WOW! I love everything about your garden. I especially like the daisy/crocosmia grouping. Great colors.

  13. lindanewber 03/21/2016

    Hi Paul....What a fabulous garden. I too love that first pic of the perennial border.. Those daisies and crocosmias really take center stage. All your areas are beautifully done. That pink Lily is stunning too. Can't believe you've done so much in just ten years. You must be out there all the time. I know I would be ?

  14. wGardens 03/21/2016

    I echo everyone's comments especially about the opening photo! Wonderful. Those crocosmia's are stunners! Lovely gardens!

  15. katieerb 03/22/2016

    This is beautiful and obviously a labor of love. I can no longer work in my garden because of health issues and I so miss it. I content myself with orchids and succulents these days but I love "meandering" through other people's creations especially where you can tell they love it so.

  16. Cenepk10 03/23/2016

    Oh good gracious, that's a gorgeous garden !!!!!! My eyes are thankful for Irish Beauty !!!!

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