Tools to Make Garden Chores Easier During Summer Vacation

It’s hot. And the last thing anyone wants to do is spend more time on maintenance in the garden than they have to. Thankfully, garden tool companies have heard their complaints and have developed a myriad of tools to help gardeners get chores done faster so that they can get back to enjoying the fruits of their labor. From weeding and pruning to keeping the garden healthy and well-watered, the products featured below will ensure that you can get back to your book and mimosa in no time.

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Need a weeder that won’t quit? Try a Spring Tine Cultivator

Best tool for weeding
Photo: DeWit

DeWit Spring Tine Cultivator

At first glance, this delicate hand tool looks a lot like a back scratcher. Its real purpose is far more ruthless, however. The thin wires of the DeWit Spring Tine Cultivator glide through soil, gently but effectively pulling out weeds as they go. This tool is extremely lightweight yet solidly made from steel and wood. If ever there was a tool to pass down to your grandkids as an heirloom piece, this would be it.

Reviewed by Danielle Sherry

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The organic fertilizer your flowers will love

Dr. Earth Flower Girl Bud & Bloom Booster Concentrate

This is the time year when it’s common to see your annuals starting to slow down when it comes to flowering. If you’ve noticed your potted container gardens or hanging baskets struggling, it’s time for some blossom-booster. This special type of fertilizer is higher in phosphorus, the macro-nutrient that increases flower bud formation. So, if you want more flowers (and who doesn’t?) you need a blossom-booster fertilizer ASAP.

Reviewed by FG Staff

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Feels great in the hand—and it’s fun

firemans hose nosel for gardens

Fireman’s Hose Nozzle

This type of heavy-duty rubberized nozzle is not new. But what is new is the comfortable handle underneath the nozzle body and the unique on/off valve. This style of “top-hand grab-handle” flow-control valve is present on professional firefighting equipment. An easy flip of the handle turns water flow instantly on or off—or anywhere in between. This is a solidly made tool and very satisfying to use.

Reviewed by FG Staff

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A soil knife is an unconventional yet invaluable toll

A.M. Leonard soil knife
Photo: courtesy of A. M. Leonard

A. M. Leonard Deluxe Stainless Steel Soil Knife

If you have ever committed the sin of using pruners to quickly dig out a weed or cut through the roots of a plant, please invest in the A. M. Leonard Deluxe Stainless Steel Soil Knife. Use it to plant small transplants and bulbs, slice through dense roots, and even cut twine. The wide rubberized handle makes the knife easy to grip. Buying this tool might add years to your pruners too.

Reviewed by FG Staff

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This versatile tool is what your veggie garden is missing

garden fork
Photo: Bosmere. Photo source: Amazon.

Bosmere Digging Fork

One of my favorite vegetable garden tools is my garden fork. I rely on it all season long. In spring, I use it to add compost and loosen up the planting area. In summer, it’s perfect for harvesting root vegetables. In fall, it works amazingly well for digging out plants with large root clumps—such as kale, cabbage, or broccoli—allowing me to shake off soil back into the root beds. This sturdy digging fork has a solid wood handle and thick, sharp tines.

Reviewed by FG Staff

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As easy-to-use lopper that will spare your back and arms

Photo: courtesy of Corona Tools

Corona Comfortgel 30” Branch Cutter

This bypass lopper has grips designed for more-comfortable cutting that will reduce pressure on your hands and arms and provide greater control while you work. This is a lightweight tool with 25-inch-long trapezoidal steel handles that are stronger than those of previous models. The handles are also extendable, reaching 35 inches long for those hard-to-access inner branches.

Reviewed by FG Staff

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