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Photo/Illustration: Michelle Gervais

This garden at the Chicago Botanic Garden has it all: gorgeous, meandering brick pathways, a classic teak bench, a refreshing and beautiful fountain, and the perfect mix of formality and late-summer lushness in its plantings. It doesn’t get much better than this. We’ll finish off this week and start off next week with more scenes from the CBG. Stay tuned.


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  1. tractor1 09/28/2011

    A magnicent garden but unfortunately the camera's auto-fucus zeroed in on the briteness of the water (like shooting into the sun) causing everything else to be out of focus. Next time use the zoom feature to zero in on just the fountain framed by a minimum of plantings. Hopefully compositions of individual specimens will be forthcoming.

  2. Deanneart 09/28/2011

    What a beautiful combination of formal, clipped hedges with lush abundance of the late season flowering plants. love it!

  3. carolakxxx 09/28/2011

    Looks ok to me, quite lovely, really.

  4. cwrosten 09/28/2011

    Visitors to Chicago should know that you would need a car to
    get to this incredible garden north of city center and should plan to spend the better part of a day when there. You can take a trolley ride around the property to get the overview, including prairie land, so it stands to reason that a site of this size this can't be downtown. Fortunately, as "Fine
    Gardening" has pointed out, many other fine gardens are available for the fly-in tourist.

  5. Joyce70 09/28/2011

    I can't resist commenting again about Chicago. The Botanical Garden is so special all throughout the year. I think winter and the holidays is about my favorite. It's really worth a visit! I can't wait to see next week's pictures.

  6. Lisianne 09/28/2011

    Contrary to what tractor1 wrote: I like the brightness of the water and if I were to be there, then the water would be what would draw my attention first. Personally, I really like the garden portion off in the far left -- lots of color and texture, which is present in the entire photo, actually.

  7. PeonyFan 09/28/2011

    We don't live in Chicago but we visit this botanical garden whenever we can: it is beautifully designed and imaginatively planted. And for those who get hungry looking at gardens,the dining room is outstanding; we usually arrive in time for breakfast, wander all morning in the gardens, and top off our visit with lunch.

  8. sheilaschultz 09/28/2011

    The CBG is such a treasure. It is filled with so many beautiful gardens, each an inspiration to gardeners and non-gardeners alike. Thanks...

  9. petuniababi 09/28/2011

    This is absolutely lovely,wish i could visit.

  10. SurlyJo 09/28/2011

    Late summer/early fall is my favorite time of year in the garden. There is something relaxing about the lushness turning into spent flowers and fading greenery.

    @tractor1: I would love to see your gardening blog! Please post a link for us here so that we may all see how perfectly composed the pics are of your superior greenspace.

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