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READER PHOTO! The cicadas are back….

Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Susan Stork

Today’s photo is from Susan Stork in Jefferson City, Missouri. She says, “The 13-year cicadas have invaded the mid-west and we hear their daily mating call, see the exo-skeletons on the trees and in the yard, plus are fortunate to have several land on our clothing throughout the day, but I found this fella in my garden on a lily blossom.
The color of the cicada’s eyes is a perfect match to the lily. As the saying goes, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”
and this made my day as a gardener who enjoys photographing the flowers and the insects!” Thanks, Susan!

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Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Susan Stork


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  1. Toano 06/13/2011

    So glad that I'd read they were coming because they were everywhere in my yard! I'd have been scared. Sounded like an alien craft landing here in Williamsburg! What fascinating creatures.

  2. sheilaschultz 06/13/2011

    That is the prettiest shot of a cicada ever! They can be a bit creepy, but kind of cool at the same time!!!

  3. sisinlawkathy 06/13/2011

    Love it! I still don't think I'll touch one though!! The eye and flower color is awesone. You are so talented. One of my 'bucket list' wishes is to come visit at the best time to get some pointers from you! Thank you for sharing. Kathy

  4. gardengal42 06/13/2011

    When I lived just outside of Baltimore, we had so many cicadas that my dogs were eating them off the trees. The vet said that was OK but to stop feeding them the dog food if they were eating that many..GREAT PROTEIN The dogs loved them..:) :) I am not finding many here in North Carolina.

  5. JardinDelSol 06/13/2011

    Out here in the desert SW we have only a few cicadas and they don't come until late July. Being originally from the lush suburban Philadelphia area, I miss the cicadas' harsh but welcome sounds - they, along with the crickets (which we do have here), provided the soundtrack for summer. When we do hear cicadas here, we stop and enjoy them. They are harmless creatures,and I never minded picking one up and removing it from danger when need be. If you look at them closely with their iridescent wings and bright eyes, they really are quite lovely - alien, but interesting!

  6. GingerSnaps1949 06/13/2011

    I'm in West Virginia and so far we have no had the pleasure of these little critters yet, but I really hope they make an appearance. Their call can be ear shattering at times because I'm surrounded by trees that they seem to love, but I just adore the sound they make as it's so soothing, along with the crickets and the frogs. I live in a tiny little town of about 800 folks maybe, not really country but not really city by far either, just the best of both worlds I guess, but mostly the country, thank heavens ! lol I work at home, so it's really nice to work to the sounds of nature instead of the sounds of the city. I look forward to the cicadas appearing and singing to me. This will be a new experience for my little 5-year-old granddaughter too, so it will be wonderful to teach her about them and also let her learn to enjoy the sounds of nature also ! Seeing things with a child for the first time they ever see them is one of the most amazing experiences us adults could ever have, and I enjoy each and every one of them I have with Makenzie ! I'm more excited than ever that the cicadas will be here this year so we can share the wonderful experience together !

  7. Josefly 06/13/2011

    Wow, what great photos. Do you suppose that cicada knows how nicely he matches and complements that lily?

  8. LaurelEm 04/17/2017

    I love his buggy red eyes!!

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