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The Burren Perfumery Garden

Here's one last garden for you to see from my recent trip to Ireland, the Burren Perfumery.

The Burren Perfumery is a must-visit destination in Ireland for those botanically inclined. Click on other pix to enlarge and read captions.
Photo/Illustration: Susan Belsinger

Here’s one last garden for you to see from my recent trip to Ireland, the Burren Perfumery in County Galway. It is a unique and lovely place to visit with its shop full of fragrant botanical products, informational video of the burren and its plants, soap room, cafe and herb gardens.

The Burren is a land of fascinating rocks and plants; an astounding vast stretch of limestone rock covering a large area on and near the western coast of Ireland, where one can find over 700 types of plants. The Burren Perfumery is located out in this rocky region of Ireland and it is quite a drive to get there–though well worth finding it.

Rocks from the area are used to make garden beds, seated circles, stone walls, walkways, stepping stones, stairs, buildings and more. The herb garden has decorative stonework embedded in the walkways, a stone circle, walls and garden beds. The plants are mostly natives to the region and there are some herbs that are used in the products made there, some culinary, some medicinal and of course, tea herbs.

The shop is lovely lined with brown botanical glass jars, huge jars of distillations, attractively packaged and displayed products, a blending room, a room to view a video (fantastic photography) of the burren and its fauna and flora. This is a small family run business along with local staff, who create quality products in small batches. I quite like their essential oil selection, and their creams, lotions and salves. There is a soap room, which is fun to see when production is in process.

The Tea Room is a great place for a tasty soup and bread, salad, or just a cuppa tea or coffee, with a delightful baked good from scone to tart or crumble. It is definitely a treat to allow time for. When visiting the Burren Perfumery, allow plenty of time for the drive on the windy roads and a good two or three hours there, to visit the shop, watch the short video, stroll in the herb garden and dine in the tea room.

Go online and checkout the Burren Perfumery shop–there are many products to choose from for holiday gifts!

To find out more about the formation and geography of the burren, check out this article that I wrote from a previous trip to the Emerald Isle. /item/7102/to-the-burren-and-back


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