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Summer in Wendy’s Garden

Peak garden beauty

close up of peacock gladiolus with sunset behind

Today we’re visiting Wendy’s garden in Cleveland Township in northern Michigan.

lush garden bed in full sunIn high summer, lush greenery is dotted with flowers, and there are lots of places to sit, look out, and enjoy it.

close up of peacock gladiolus with sunset behindA beautiful sun casts its glow over peacock gladiolus (Gladiolus murielae, Zones 6–10 or as a tender bulb). This beautiful bulb used to be classified in its own genus but has been moved into gladiolus. Unlike typical gladiolus, the elegant flowers are strongly fragrant, especially in the evening. They tend to bloom at the end of summer, sending the season out on a beautiful note.

densely planted garden bed with various foliage plants Every inch of this garden is planted, giving it a full, wild look, and minimizing the chances for weeds to establish.

various roses in the garden planted closely to other plantsA variety of different roses are in full summer bloom. Thick plantings around the roses help show them off. Some rose varieties tend to have awkward, bare bottoms to the plants, so this style makes them look their best.

vegetables and other plants growing close to houseSquash and cucumbers join the flowers to give food as well as beauty. And a Mandevilla (Zones 9–11 or as an annual) in a hanging basket has climbed up the rope supporting the basket to create a column of bloom.


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  1. user-7821942 09/07/2023

    How exuberant! Your hard work has produced a visual feast of a garden. The long view to the water isn't bad either.

  2. [email protected] 09/07/2023

    Beautiful full wild garden. I présume you do not use mulch!

  3. User avater
    simplesue 09/07/2023

    I could live happily ever after in this cute house and pretty garden! Just love the photo "Every inch of this garden is planted" Great job on this garden!

  4. btucker9675 09/07/2023

    Exuberant is the perfect word to describe your beautiful garden!! Fabulous!

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