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Still more to see in Jeanne’s garden in Washington

Our fountain we purchased off of Craigslist for an unbelievable price of $50! It works great and it brings in a lot of thirsty birds!

Today’s photos are from Jeanne Cronce in Port Orchard, Washington. We’ve visited Jeanne’s garden LOTS (refresh your memory HERE, HERE, and HERE), but I’m amazed at how, no matter how many times she send in photos, we always see something new! Exactly how big IS your garden, Jeanne?? Anyway, enjoy, and check out more info in the captions.

A closeup of the design that is in the base of the fountain, which I painted green and quickly wiped of to show the design better.

Keep sending in photos of your gardens, everyone!

Great Gunnera!!!
Off the front porch.
A pretty red rose next to some white Ammi majus that I started from seed. Its a wonderful filler type plant.
Heading to the outer garden.
Heading to the car park.
A pretty pink lily.
A new planting in the pots.
Purple hydrangea under the weeping willow.
Happy are the sunflowers with all the sun we have been getting!
Hydrangea ‘Limelight’.
The hollyhocks this year.

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  1. User avater
    meander_michaele 08/24/2014

    No doubt about it, Jeanne, you continue to amaze, astound and inspire me with your garden pictures. I officially crown you Queen of the Bargain Hunters...that is a truly awesome fountain and to think you got it for a cool $ doesn't get any better! And it's totally appropriate that you should be deemed royalty since purple is the color associated with that status and you have all that wonderful purple happening throughout your garden. Speaking of which, your hydrangea tucked under the willow is you do any soil amending to get the flowers that color?
    I would find all sorts of reasons to go back and forth to the car park just to walk that path...ha, who am I kidding...who needs an excuse to enjoy an admiring garden stroll?! Love your choice of the upright blue evergreens for the focal element in those pots. Would you share what that are and will they at some point outgrow their container home and be planted in the ground?

    1. greengenes 08/25/2014

      Hey..I think Iam getting the swing of It..using the smart phone...about the hydrangea under the willow..well I haven't used anything on it except some fish compost . I do use ammonia Sulph. sometimes to get the blue in some of the other ones. But this particular one has always stayed this color. It has been planted in an old pile of extra sod and dirt I had thrown there. Who knows with hydrangeas, right.....I enjoy them so.

  2. perenniallycrazy 08/24/2014

    Jeanne, your garden seems endless and park sized. I can imagine that you putter around in sections of it daily. Such a source of joy to be in it everyday. I so love your fun and colorful garden ideas and the fact that you source from Craigslist. Who doesn't love Craigslist? I especially love Seattle Craigslist and have found some pretty good bargains myself.

    Not sure how it's been in Seattle but we've had a humid summer here in Vancouver which is not typical, but your garden remains quite lush and colorful. What's your secret?

    1. greengenes 08/25/2014

      Our weather has been so beautiful this summer. Things are starting to dry out though. I water a lot and am really hoping for a rainy season this fall and winter. We count on the snow pack for our water table. Iam out in the gardens every day usually. But the days when I have to do other things I miss being outside. I almost feel like an animal who lives in the dirt!...ha ha...we have five acres and there is at least half of it in gardens. I have to stop sometime! It always seems I find a new tree or shrub I can't live without. But I can't have them all. It's totally an addiction! So u live up in Vancouver bc...? It's beautiful up there. We'll bye for now..

  3. NCYarden 08/25/2014

    So full and colorful. It's jam-packed with plant goodies. I so wish I could grow a Gunnera in my garden - I'm envious. I really like the variety of plants. That's my kind of gardening.

  4. User avater
    Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 08/25/2014

    So many great combinations, color and astounding foliage! Thanks for giving us another tour. that crazy painted tree is the perfect backdrop for those sunflowers.

  5. Cenepk10 08/25/2014

    I have chronic garden envy, Jeanne. That is gorgeous !!!!!!

  6. greengenes 08/25/2014

    Sorry I can't figure out on my smart phone how 2 reply individually so I have to dois...first off for perenniallycrazy...I really have no secret to growin/ other than I remember taking pictures early in the morning when the lighting is best and before the sun hits everything and washes with sun. To meander 1 ...those two plants in the pots are "Moonglow juniper". I so enjoy the blue color! Iam not sure how big they will get in pots but for sure they will find a place somewhere in the gardens later on. The info on them says they get to 15ft. Tall by 8 ft wide! Wasn't that an excellent find on the fountain! I couldn't believe it. And my husband was willing to go and get it while knowing the possible work involved to get it and set it up! He is a great guy! Thanks for all the comments to everyone and I hope these photos inspire and renews the joy of getting out there and di/ing in the dirt!

    1. annek 08/26/2014

      here's to great husbands!!!

  7. annek 08/25/2014

    Wow Jeanne, I'm going to call your photos the 'wanty' photos. I'm not 'needy' of your flowers and fountain, but I'm certainly 'wanty'! Beautiful combinations and certainly one of the best Craigslist purchases I've seen. The slight green accenting really enhances the detailed figures. Thanks for the views into your garden.....Gotta go now, I'm off to search for Ammi majus on the internet

    1. greengenes 08/25/2014

      Hi annek...isn't the ami majuscule a cool plant! It gets to about 4 ft tall but it's so pretty. I had some go to seed so I will see if it will grow next year. Enjoy

      1. User avater
        meander_michaele 08/25/2014

        Well, with both of you fantastic gardeners singing the praises of ami majuscule, I had to do a google search and find out what the scoop on it is.
        I can't quite tell from my reading and looking whether it is old fashioned Queen Ann's Lace or something related?

        1. greengenes 08/25/2014

          Well my silly phone typed the name wrong.or was it me? It does have the same look as queen Annes lace but a lot finer texture and it's totally an annual. Take off the letters c- u- l- e on the last word and that's how it's spelled. I can't believe this phone changes my words to what it thinks I mean...wish it would correct my spelling! Hah ha..

        2. annek 08/26/2014

          Hey meander-girl....I had difficulties trying to differentiate too. But I think that it, indeed, has a finer flower. I'm ready to find out up close and personally!

      2. annek 08/26/2014

        Hi green genes! I just bought some seeds and read that it reseeds easily. Good and bad news, I guess.. but it's so pretty!!

  8. NevadaSue 08/25/2014

    I love the lush greenness of your garden Jeanne. The islands of trees and shrubs and your selections of plants. After living in Oregon and Washington and now in Nevada I am drooling over your garden. I can tell you love plants and your garden. Awesome! Thanks for sharing with us. :)

  9. Meelianthus 08/25/2014

    WOW !! Jeanne - can that word be used to much? Oh well, it is all SO beautiful. I know we will have to visit your gardens again soon to truly enjoy the beauty. Thanks, LS

    1. greengenes 08/25/2014

      Hi! I would so enjoy seeing you again! There has bee a few changes since u have been here. We poured a cement area, small of course and I decorated it with rocks. Wish I could send a picture but having trouble with it being too much data? Anyway let me know a couple of days in advance of stopping by. Bye for now!

  10. GrannyCC 08/25/2014

    Beautiful garden Jeanne. Love all the pathways and secret gardens. Lots to do on 5 acres. I think I have a type of Ammi Majus but it has a dark red brown leaf. I love it as it spreads easily but is not invasive.

    1. greengenes 08/25/2014

      Oh! That sounds very nice!

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