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Fun hardscape and plants in Jeanne’s garden in Washington

We lost a Rainier cherry tree this spring and I was going to have my husband cut it down, but I thought it might be fun to paint it for the remainder of this year! I kind of like it! Its a little "out of the box"....

Today we’re continuing yesterday’s tour of Jeanne Cronce’s colorful Port Orchard, Washington, garden with 12 more pictures that highlight her wonderful painted structures and equally colorful plants. More info in the captions. Enjoy!

This is heading out to the outer garden where I planted a lot of food type plants and we put up a 16 x 24 ft. greenhouse.
This is a castor bean plant that I started from seed. They are so dramatic, and poisionous, too.
Here is a little project I did using an old screen door that our dog chewed on during the last 4th of July.
Here are two more pillars I made out of 8-foot-tall fence posts and some old wire. You can’t have too many vines! I so love clematis…
A pretty plant called Staches ‘Humelo’. Its a nice plant if you enjoy the great purple!
This is a lovely color combination of persicaria and hosta with a weigela called ‘Bristol’.
Here is a stinker of a plant! But it is so worth it! Arum.
Picture four is a pretty colored one! A carex. Thought it would be fun to do…
This is a beautiful Itoh peony.
The rose is a David Austin, ‘The Pilgrim’.

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  1. perenniallycrazy 07/14/2014

    I gotta hand it to you Jeanne - all hail to the awesome garden accent color purple! What exact shade of purple is that anyway? It really is so much fun with all that color. Looking forward to future posts from your garden. Thanks!

    1. greengenes 07/15/2014

      Hi Perennially Crazy...iam sorry I don't know the name of the color of this purple. It was from a color swatch in the store... It works though! Have a great summer!

  2. User avater
    meander_michaele 07/14/2014

    Hi, Jeanne, you are a treasure trove of great ideas and, Perennially Crazy, make room for me on the fan train for purple! Your painted dead cherry tree has a wonderful new life as colorful garden ornamentation and, what the heck, I'd plant a clematis at it feet and get a couple of years out of it serving as a free form trellis. Love your soft yellow tinted Itoh peony and I'm fascinated by your Staches 'Humelo'. I just did a quick google search on it and the one article I read so far indicates that it blooms all summer. Is that your experience? Awesome, if so!
    I'm so glad you shared enough pictures with Michelle that we got 2 days worth of garden touring with you.

    1. greengenes 07/15/2014

      Good morning meander1: Purple is a pretty cool color, huh! A dear friend of mine turned me on to "purple and pinks". It just seems to add a splash in a garden setting. Good idea on the clematis! It would be a perfect place for one to climb!
      Yes, the humelo does bloom all summer and divides really well in the spring. You enjoy your summer and I enjoy your comments!

      1. NCYarden 07/15/2014

        Clematis up the purple tree frame is a wonderful idea.

        1. gladyswray 07/17/2014

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  3. User avater
    Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 07/15/2014

    make that three comments now about the great purples in this series and I think the photo with the persicaria is a stunning combo!

  4. NCYarden 07/15/2014

    Fantastic. Very enjoyable play among the combination of perennials. In pic 11 (with the hostas) is that a "purple" Farfugium, or Ligularia? Looks awesome.

    1. greengenes 07/15/2014

      Good morning NC Yarden: Iam glad you enjoy the gardens...its fun to share and give ideas to others. Well that plant in picture 11 is a ligularia. It has been in that pot for two years. It really needs to be planted out in the gardens somewhere. It gets a lot bigger when it has a free run on their roots.

  5. bethnbijoux 07/15/2014

    Thanks for including the commentary with each picture! I enjoyed the "guided tour"! I also love the color purple, and I got a real kick out of the many ways that you have incorporated it into your beautiful garden!

  6. user-7007080 07/15/2014

    Is the purple arch 4 stakes & chicken wire? How did you make it? How does the arch stay up? Beautiful!

    1. greengenes 07/15/2014

      Hi Jake: The purple arbor is not chicken wire. It is a ridged piece of hog fence, 5 by 16 feet, and it is anchored down by four heavy duty metal fence posts. My husband and I bent it over and I actually hung on it while he wired it down for a secure hold. It is so sturdy. I planted a jasmine and a couple of clematis on it so next year it should be awesome with color. It took 7 cans of spray paint to get it all painted though....

      1. user-7007080 07/15/2014

        Thanks! I just love it!

      2. User avater
        meander_michaele 07/15/2014

        Did you spray paint the wire before you "installed" it or after? Ha, you are planting the seeds of ideas in all of us!

        1. greengenes 07/15/2014

          I painted it after we installed it. Last year it was a "Portugal blue" but I decided to paint it purple this year. I will most likely keep the purple.
          Iam glad to give ideas to other gardeners. That's my main goal I suppose. Its fun to share and I enjoy learning from others...

  7. patriciagutierrezsaldivar 07/15/2014

    Loved this pictures with your comentary, I think I will use you idea of th pot an wire for a vine I love.

    1. greengenes 07/15/2014

      Hi Patricia... yes it is a fun way to get vertical! And the color choices in spray paint is so much better this year! Have fun with it! You probably wont make just one!

  8. wittyone 07/15/2014

    I love the purple sheen of the wire covered archway. Will you be planting climbers to utilize it? That would be beautiful but I'd hate to cover up that beautiful gauzy look.

  9. wittyone 07/15/2014

    Question for Michelle: Is there some way to go back to the previous day's post like we could before the great change over? I'm sure I would be able to figure out some way to get there but a quick route would save a lot of time and frustration especially when you have missed several day's postings and want to catch up.

    1. user-6807720 07/15/2014

      The best way I know of right now is to go directly to the GPOD main
      page--there you can see all of the posts, with the most-recent ones on
      (you can find this link under the blogs tab at the top of every page)

  10. annek 07/15/2014

    Oh so many ideas to try and so little time! I'm on the purple bandwagon and love the idea of a clematis for your royal (in purple) cherry tree. By the way, you've provided some very nice perspectives in your gives us gpod-ers close up views as well as broad overviews! Sigh....wonderful

  11. GrannyMay 07/15/2014

    Jeanne, what wonderful ideas! Add me to the long list of purple lovers who have been freshly inspired by what you have shared with us these two days.... pick your favourite colours and have fun! Hog fencing and paint! The possibilities are endless! Thank you!

  12. sheila_schultz 07/15/2014

    Jeanne, your gardens are a treat for all the senses. They must make you smile every single day... And, I can't believe your ligularia has been in a container for 2 years! It's huge!

  13. GrannyCC 07/15/2014

    What a wonderful creative person you are. Love the purple everywhere. Such great ideas for the clematis to climb on.

  14. janeeliz 07/15/2014

    Jeanne, Your garden is wonderfully creative1 I, too, love your purple tree and all the wonderful colors and textures you are using. Send us pictures of the clematis when they grow up your cool structures. Dooes that gorgeous Itoh peony bloom longer than the average?

  15. jeannetrimble 07/31/2014

    Hi Jeanne! Just toured your garden and love the purple! My husband painted my garden tables and an old storm door I hung on a fence purple. Each year he paints things a new shade for me. I also have 4 different purple Clematis vines. Love the purple! I love pink and purple flowers in the Spring and yellow and purple with bright Margarette Sweet Potato vines in the fall.Your garden pictures give me more ideas for purple. I love the cherry tree idea! Have to try it. Thanks!

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