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Spring in British Columbia

An assortment of early blooms

lilac and other spring blooms in front of water

Today Bruce and Suzanne Pearce are sharing their garden with us.

We live in the beautiful Okanagan Valley of British Columbia. Here are some photos of our spring garden.

roses in fiery colorsDespite roses’ reputation for being finicky, these look incredibly happy and beautiful.

garden patio looking out on water and mountainsIt’s hard to beat these incredible views from the garden! The hedge in the back of the garden provides shelter and privacy without obscuring the scenery beyond.

various spring blooming plantsHere are several spring-blooming beauties, with daffodils (Narcissus hybrids, Zones 3–8) at the bottom, a yellow tulip (Tulipa hybrid, Zones 3–8) at the top right, and several ranunculus (Ranunculus asiaticus, Zones 7–10 or as an annual) at the top left.

light peach daffodilThis unusual daffodil variety with extra petals in the center creates a full trumpet.

double-flowered daffodil Layers of petals on this more-typical double-flowered daffodil make an effect almost more like that of a rose or camellia than a typical daffodil.

mass of orange tulipsTulips in soft shades of orange show off their dark centers.

white double daffodilA double daffodil with petals of a pure white.

An incredible view is framed with spring blooms, including fragrant masses of lilac (Syringa vulgaris, Zones 5–7).

assortment of bearded irisesAn assortment of bearded irises (Iris hybrids, Zones 3–10). The name “iris” comes from the Greek word for rainbow, and this image shows how apt that name is, with flowers coming in nearly every color but true red, and often combining two or more colors in a single bloom.


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  1. Rebeccazone7 07/14/2021

    The view is breathtaking. I also love the contrast with the lilac.

  2. gardendevas 07/14/2021

    How lush and glorious! Gorgeous flowers, spectacular view. With a cute little garden shed tucked in…

  3. User avater
    treasuresmom 07/14/2021

    Oh, my, daffs are beautiful but that view is beyond words.

  4. User avater
    simplesue 07/14/2021

    Wow! You have a piece of paradise! Those unique daffodils with the "full trumpet & extra petals" are beautiful.
    Flowers, views, mountains, a lake and have it all!

  5. btucker9675 07/14/2021

    Be still my heart!!! The view is spectacular and the garden is a perfect frame for it. Daffodils, iris, and lilacs, oh my... Love the persimmon colored door on your garden shed, too. Thanks for brightening my morning with your lovely gardens.

  6. BrianMckay 07/15/2021

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  7. reginamelo 08/03/2021

    What a feast to the eye!!!

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