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Photo/Illustration: Michelle Gervais

One more scene from Linda Allard’s garden in Washington, Connecticut. On the way to Linda’s painting studio tucked into the woods, you pass by this beautiful view enhanced simply by a large copper urn on a pedestal. Bliss.

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Photo/Illustration: Michelle Gervais


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  1. ncgardener 07/27/2011

    Sorry, I'm a country girl, my first thoughts when I saw it was that it was a watermelon being used for target practice. The view is lovely though.

  2. snollygaster 07/27/2011

    Yes, nice view, not sure about the pot or the watermelon.

  3. skevanston 07/27/2011

    I love resting my eyes on the many shades of green in this scene...light yellowy greens, soft, dark, blueish...with the copper urn adding yet another color. There are also lots of contrasts created by shade: the dark areas created under the branches, the shadow of a cloud in the disance, and the shadow created by the urn as well as the branch shadow ON the urn. And (one more thing!) I love the jagged motion of the yellow green grass tops across the foreground, the darker motion of jagged trees across the center, and the scattering forms of the clouds above.. all in contrast to the smooth round form of the urn on the squared, substantial post. To me this is perfect use of art in the garden. It brings both the art and the garden into sharper focus. Wonderful!

  4. lovemyyard 07/27/2011

    Tranquility and a perfect point to draw the eye before it begins to wander. You took a perfect photo.

  5. sheilaschultz 07/27/2011

    Linda's property must be huge. Love the urn resting on the stone pedestal, it does the job of drawing one's eye to the beautiful vista.

  6. Joyce70 07/28/2011

    I'm enjoying the comments from others and learning from them. Sharing our impressions is really interesting!

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