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White cushions–impractical but gorgeous

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Photo/Illustration: Michelle Gervais

Here are a few more scenes from Linda Allard’s gorgeous garden in Washington, Connecticut. Every piece of furniture on the terrace and by the pool sports snowy white cushions. I have to say that I think it’s crazy, since I have a couple of “white” cushions on some chairs on my patio, and they are anything but at this point… But man, was it beautiful here! It makes everything so cool and crisply clean-looking. The white candles in the lanterns hanging from the tree above the table are a wonderful touch, and made me want to linger til dusk so I could see them lit. We’ll visit this garden one more time tomorrow for something completely different. Stay tuned.

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Photo/Illustration: Michelle Gervais
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Photo/Illustration: Michelle Gervais
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Photo/Illustration: Michelle Gervais


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  1. dirtwoman 07/26/2011

    Oh,yeah, once I sit down or lay down on those white cushions they would be the color of all my garden or my suntan lotion. But it is a nice touch for a photo shoot. I am sure they would be cooler than all the other colors available, but...

  2. lovemyyard 07/26/2011

    A house or showplace, not a home.

  3. Vespasia 07/26/2011

    I agree with lovemyyard completely. I actually think nice bright coloured cushions would be much better also some flowers perhaps.

  4. littleloiee 07/26/2011

    I agree that this is absolutely beautiful! Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet if you love a look. Worry about cleaning etc. isn't what one does. There are so many good cleaning products on the market and dirty is dirty whatever color you choose. Where did she buy them and the lanterns. Can she tell us or is it a military secret?

  5. littleloiee 07/26/2011

    Michelle, I love your pictures and comments and finally have learned how to respond. You inspire!

  6. MichelleGervais 07/26/2011

    littleloiee--thanks!! So glad you like the GPOD! Unfortunately I have this feeling it might be hard to get in touch with Linda Allard to ask her for sources.

    lovemyyard--I have to disagree. During the visit I got a chance to meet Linda, and she was incredibly gracious. I believe she helped design her home and her garden, and she obviously loves it. She was willing to share information with anyone interested, which was so nice. I do think that a showplace and a home can be one and the same, especially if it's the home of a seriously talented designer.

  7. petuniababi 07/26/2011

    I thought this was so lovely!!Those cushions wouldn't work at my house because i have a husband that wouldn't think twice about sitting down while taking a break from pruning shrubs or mowing the lawn.But it is truly gorgeous for someone who wouldn't have a situation like that.Everybody doesn't have the same lifestyle and obviously it works for hers.

  8. amanda4973 07/31/2011

    This garden is so old school: classic and understated. I can see how much Linda has focused on proportion and overall view. Tasteful. The hanging candle lanterns are, I think, the one bit of whimsy, and they look great, not out of place at all.

    (By the way, Michelle, thanks for getting rid of that yellow photo of yourself, and posting a better one. Much appreciated.)

  9. LWyre 08/01/2011

    It's beautiful, but wouldn't work here! Kids, kids, kids!

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