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Yet another cool chair

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Photo/Illustration: Michelle Gervais

One last scene from Innisfree and I’m DONE, I promise! Gray wouldn’t normally be my first choice as a hardscape color in a garden, but these gray chairs fit this calm scene perfectly. The color doesn’t compete with the lush green of the surroundings, and blends with the stonework nicely. But their intriguing design keeps these chairs from fading into the background. And they were surprisingly comfortable, too! OK. Done with Innisfree. For now.

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Photo/Illustration: Michelle Gervais


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  1. erasmuse 07/13/2011

    I am really enjoying the Innisfree photos and would love to go there. One thing that is not mentioned here and is also not mentioned on their website,,,are there any restrooms? 150 acres is quite a spread for me if there aren't any bathrooms available. They have a phone number on their site but it just gives you a recorded message repeating the info that is already on their site and giving you a long distance fax number for questions. Before I have to seek out a fax center, I thought I'd take the chance that you could answer my question here. I have visited similar gardens in the past and had to leave due to the lack of restrooms. thanks!

  2. LynnFG 07/13/2011

    I have thoroughly enjoyed this trip through Innisfree and am a little sad this is the last post. I like the gray chairs, by the way, and really everything that you have showed us in this series. Thanks so much.

  3. LindaBrandon 07/13/2011

    Sorry to see the last of the Innisfree photos, Michelle - they've been wonderful!

  4. user-7006895 07/13/2011

    I am hoping to go there this weekend. These photos have totally inspired me!

  5. orequilter 07/13/2011

    Such a lovely scene and so peaceful looking.

  6. gardengal42 07/13/2011

    I would like to be sitting there and doing all my hand quilting. What a way to spend a peace/full day. :)

  7. moongirl 07/14/2011

    Your Innisfree photos have been lovely--transporting me to this magical place. Thank you so much for sharing. Love the gray chairs photos; perhaps, being the last photos you chose to share you might have thought these were the least evocative, but I find their simplicity most compelling! I've loved this garden visit!

  8. Chefin1950 07/14/2011

    This entire place really looks magical and I must remember to check it out some day. I love the carving of a tree on one of the stones in the second photo.

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