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A walkway amongst the ferns

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Photo/Illustration: Michelle Gervais

I adore this walkway through the ferns and over a creek at Innisfree Garden in Millbrook New York. Its meandering path adds so much to this scene, and it was great fun to walk on. It looks simple to build. I don’t have a creek to cross in my garden, but I’m tempted to create one of these through the mint patch…


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  1. Stoatley 07/08/2011

    It IS fetching. Are the ferns growing right in the creek then?

  2. MichelleGervais 07/08/2011

    The creek is very small and runs through the middle of the ferns. Maybe a foot or two wide.

  3. Happily_Gardening 07/08/2011

    "Now that's a ah moment!" Great capture Michelle, feels like I right there. LOVELY spot!

  4. TeriCA 07/08/2011

    My thought: it would be nice to SEE the creek, TOO many ferns growing and obstructing the water feature part. Maybe it was just the angle at which the picture was taken.

  5. skevanston 07/08/2011

    Is this a traditional 'zig-zag bridge' designed to trick evil spirits that can only travel a straight path? (As often seen in Chinese and Japanese gardens?)

  6. bamboomary 07/08/2011

    Creek or no creek, I love it, that zigzag puncheon path would look good through almost anything! Michelle, you have that much mint???? Yikes, Mojitos for life!

  7. MichelleGervais 07/08/2011

    bamboomary: I have a LOT of mint, but no, not quite that much!! Let's just say I'm the source of all the mint that Fine Cooking Magazine uses when testing their recipes... I did know someone once who had a FIELD of mint! It was so much fun to walk through.

    TeriCA: It was actually kind of cool to discover the little creek halfway across the walkway.

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