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Scenes from Sarah’s garden in Maine in 2014

Crazy containers.

Today’s photos are from Sarah Wolpow in Maine. We visited Sarah’s garden back in 2012 (refresh your memory HERE). Today she’s back with from snapshots from this season.

She says, “Here are some pix of things I’ve enjoyed this season in my garden. My place gets pretty overgrown during the summer (no time) but I focus on enjoying small combos and close-ups and dream of reorganizing the whole thing some day!”

For a garden you say gets overgrown from lack of time, it’s looking pretty darned good, Sarah! Thanks for checking back in. We love revisiting gardens! 

Poppy seed heads from a friend.  Just as glorious as the flowers they came from.

Keep sending in photos of your gardens, everyone!

Enkianthus with allium, persicaria, and my favorite hakonechloa, ‘Albo-striata’.
I have so many plants to attract hummingbirds, but they ONLY come when the bee balm is blooming.  What’s up with that?
Maidenhair fern and Phlox stolonifera with a ‘Calsap’ rhodie from beloved Maine rhodie expert Tom York, who so sadly just passed away shortly after retiring to spend more time with grandkids and fishing.
Asclepias tuberosa with bee balm, echinacea, sedum, and veronica. This bed has been almost entirely on its own for about 5 years and is just waiting for me to get in there someday and bring it all under control. It’s still cheerful when in full bloom.
Ninebark, echinops, and Amsonia hubrictii.

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  1. perenniallycrazy 07/28/2014

    I am not quite sure what you mean by overgrown Sarah, but from your photos, what I see is a lush and colorful garden! I adore your flower and plant combos - the colors are amazing and so vibrant.

  2. User avater
    Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 07/28/2014

    I really enjoy a densely packed garden and full containers! I think it looks awesome. Really love that Rhodie.

    1. sarahwolpow 07/31/2014

      Calsaps are so very elegant - my favorite rhodie.

  3. User avater
    meander_michaele 07/28/2014

    And to think that your garden's wonderful parade of exuberant color all begins with that dainty white that the first of your spring bulbs to bloom? I'm captivated by the picture of the little hummer feeding on the beebalm...aren't they just the most fun looking flowers with that cap of wild fringy petals? Your flower beds seem to be filled with happy inhabitants all getting along great with each other and don't appear out of control at all.

    1. sarahwolpow 07/31/2014

      The thing that kills me is that I only see the hummers when the bee balm is blooming - I don't get why they don't come to other plants at other times of the season. My understanding is that they don't fly very far so if they are coming at all that means they are nearby.

      1. sarahwolpow 07/31/2014

        And yes, the snowdrops bloom first -I have even seen them already in bloom when the snow melts off them!

        1. User avater
          meander_michaele 07/31/2014

          That is amazing about what can be going on under the snow...they must be such a delightfully welcome sight!

  4. greengenes 07/28/2014

    Its all so beautiful, Sarah! It looks like a very happy place for both humming birds and butter flies! Don't you just love the helianthus, or sneeze weed? It all looks great and I looked back at the past pictures and I love that cement fish! Is that a hypertuffa piece? Yes, and those pretty little snowdrops which brings a bit of hope in late winter for things to come, how precious they are! Its all lovely. I find that the gardens are always changing and we seem to always welcome the change! It is all so much fun! It looks like you are having fun! Enjoy the rest of your summer and thanks for sharing with all of us!

    1. sarahwolpow 07/31/2014

      The fish is granite - made by sculptor Thomas Berger in Kittery, Maine. Check out his website: or visit him. I found him when I was looking for someone to do an alternative gravestone for my mother - which he did - and I would post a photo of it but I can't seem to find one at the moment. He is an amazing artist and wonderful person as well.

  5. NCYarden 07/28/2014

    I like the full look of your beds. Great texture and color combinations. Seems there is something exciting to see all around you. I really like those poppy seed heads among the rocks. It has a wild mushroom appeal. No worries on what you think is 'overgrown '- it wouldn't matter anyway - it's the summer garden! We all deal with that. Thank you for sharing.

  6. GrannyMay 07/28/2014

    I so agree with you Sarah, focusing on the small combos brings enjoyment every single day. No matter what reorganizing might be necessary to create a pleasing vista, who could not be happy looking at your cheerful blue anemones, the vibrant orange and pink companions with the bee balm, and the calm beauty of the ferns and rhodies! And your containers are terrific. A moveable feast for the eyes!

  7. sheila_schultz 07/28/2014

    Your garden doesn't appear too dense to me Sarah, it look perfectly lush! I love all the colors and textures. You've got this gardening thing down ;) Your hummers must get drunk with excitement when deciding which flowers to sip on first.

  8. GrannyCC 07/28/2014

    Love the small groupings. Things do get overgrown at times so it is nice to have those special areas to enjoy. Your pots are beautiful.

  9. annek 07/28/2014

    Glorious! The vibrant colors are quite glorious. I love the close-ups of the small vignettes, as well as the five-year old 'Mother Nature arranged' flower bed photo. And
    , the row of pots with the exuberant flowers is wondrous. Are the white flowers with red centers growing behind the pots tickseed? A great look! (thanks Meander, I would've missed the hummer if I hadn't read your comments).

    1. sarahwolpow 07/31/2014

      Yep - they are tickseed. Mostly likely won't overwinter, but I will try to stick them in the ground and see what happens.

      1. annek 07/31/2014

        The tickseed have wonderful bi-colors. Thanks for confirming, Sarah!

  10. ancientgardener 07/28/2014

    I think most of our gardens look a bit lush and overgrown at this time in summer . It's wonderful and you have some great combos. My favorite is the maidenhair fern, rhodi mix. All the purples and lavenders with those lacy ferns. It took forever for my maidenhairs to get going, but now they are hardy and spreading. So glad you shared.

  11. janeeliz 07/30/2014

    Hi Sarah! Your garden is looking exuberant...So much intense color! If I were a hummer, I'd be there, too! They come to my garden in early spring for pulmonaria 'rubra'...the coral one.I love your photo of the poppy seed pods....What a lovely stand of blue anemone.
    You can get lavender cookies from King and I Angus. Such sad news of Tom York...he was a gem of a human as well as the best rhodi grower.

    1. sarahwolpow 07/31/2014

      Hi Jane - will check out those lavender cookies - thanks! I love thinking of all the gardens Tom's rhodies are in and how everyone who was lucky enough to know him will remember him every spring whey they bloom.

  12. eddireid 07/30/2014

    I so wish my garden looked as lush as this. However, now I know "more is better"! Thank you for sharing

  13. sarahwolpow 07/31/2014

    Weird - I never got the notice of my photos on GPOD - so I'm just seeing this now. I'll respond below.

  14. janeeliz 07/31/2014

    Love your thought on Tom, Sarah. I'm sure he will be remembered fondly by many.

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