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Scenes from a Maine garden tour

Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Harriet Robinson

Today’s photos are from Harriet Robinson in Otisfield, Maine. You might remember that we featured Harriet’s gorgeous garden planted in her filled-in swimming pool several times earlier this year (refresh your memory HERE, HERE, and HERE). Today she’s sharing some photos from a garden tour in a nearby town.

Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Harriet Robinson

She says, “Here are some photos from each of the gardens on last summer’s garden tour in Norway, Maine. I organized the tour to benefit the McLaughlin Garden in South Paris. To chose just one photo from some of the larger gardens was hard, but perhaps the owners will send in their own set of photos some day.

Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Harriet Robinson

“The gardens asked to participate in the tour were chosen because they are lovely and because we wanted diversity with different styles and geographical locations (in-town, countryside, etc.). I’ve also included the email version of the poster we used to advertise the tour.”

Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Harriet Robinson

Beautiful, Harriet! I hope this will motivate someone to come to this year’s tour! Thanks so much for sharing.

Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Harriet Robinson
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Harriet Robinson
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Harriet Robinson

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  1. pattyspencer 01/17/2013

    I just love this garden! The view of the garden with the field behind would be my heaven! Just love it! Congrats to the owners who created this.

  2. User avater
    meander_michaele 01/17/2013

    Looks like it was a great tour and, I'm sure, much appreciated by all who participated. I'm particularly fascinated by the picture showing the dappled shade scene and how the white blooms of the plant in the center look like shooting fireworks. My guess for the identity of the plant is a cimicifuga racemosa but I'm open to correction. Whatever it is, it is certainly an eye catcher in that setting.

  3. tractor1 01/17/2013

    Lovely garden scenes, wish there were more pictures.

  4. mainer59 01/17/2013

    meander1, you are correct in that identification. That photo is from the largest garden on the tour. tractor1, Perhaps I will be able to share more photos of it, with the owner's permission. Every garden pictured was designed and tended by the owner. We have amazing amateurs in western Maine.

  5. SilkPurseGarden 01/17/2013

    I had the privilege of going on that tour and it was fantastic! Every garden was gorgeous and loaded with color yet so different from all the others. There was one I especially loved that felt like discovering secret and intimate spaces around every corner. It had a number of water features created by the owners including a fabulous hidden mountain brook! Thanks, Harriet, for all your hard work to benefit Maine's McLaughlin Garden. Readers might enjoy visiting the garden's web site,, and there's tons more photos if you follow the Facebook link from there.

  6. sheila_schultz 01/17/2013

    You are such a tease, Harriet, your photos just make me want to see a whole lot more of these beautiful gardens. Anyone that has been involved with garden tours knows what a monumental task this must have been... lucky McLaughlin Garden!

  7. XuanXanh 01/17/2013

    Thanks Harriet!
    I will try to post more photos later.

  8. annek 01/17/2013

    OH my! You've set my heart back to gardening nirvana. Our high today is anticipated to be 19 degrees, so you've given me some nice, warm, cozy gardens to luxuriate in. Thank you for such a beautiful garden tour!

  9. trashywoman62 01/17/2013

    Harriet, you did a wonderful job gathering gardens for your tour. That is sometimes the hardest part of organizing a garden walk...convincing the homeowner they have a place that others want to visit. And to those of you who feel this way, remember that we gardeners love all gardens, no matter the style or size. It is a wonderful thing to be invited into a gardener's sanctuary. As you can tell, I'm on our committee to recruit gardens/gardeners for our 2013 Garden Walk. I commend you, Harriet.

    Anyway, the question I have is what is the tall, bushy plant to the right of the blue spruce? Is it one of the false sunflowers? Looks like some yellow blooms on it.

    Thanks for sharing,

  10. CJgardens 01/17/2013

    Hello. Today I signed up for GPOD blog in honor of it's 3rd anniversary. I've been enjoying the blog since spring 2012, but have been getting the magazine for years. I enjoy seeing all the different gardening styles but especially finding others who enjoy gardening as much as I do. My extended family doesn't understand the compulsion to buy more plants every year or searching the stores for the seed displays in mid-January in Wisconsin!
    The photos of the garden tour gardens are lovely. Our local garden tour is always a favorite activity in July.
    Anyway, hello again. I feel I know many of you already and have gotten many wonderful ideas from your gardens.

  11. cwheat000 01/18/2013

    These are such happy ,cheerful places. They really make me long for summer. I would love to visit Maine next summer. I have only been to Maine to ski. I may just come to next year's garden tour. Thank you, Harriet. You are correct about some great gardeners being in Maine; you being one of them. Also, thank you silkpursegarden for the link, and welcome new gpod member CJgardens.

  12. XuanXanh 01/18/2013

    As promissed, I tried to send more photos of my gardeen to share with you all , but the photos i took were too big ..each photo is more than 4MB. so after trying 25 photos i gave up. Sorry!

  13. mainer59 01/18/2013

    Trashy Woman, I asked the garden owner the identity of that [erennial with the yellow flowers. It's helianthus "lemon queen". She said it's indestructible and easily divided. Bees love it. It's an improved variety of "Jerusalem artichoke".

  14. trashywoman62 01/18/2013

    XuanXanh, some programs will let you "right click" the photo and in the drop down menu there is an option to "resize photo". It will then make a copy of the photo as a smaller image. But it all depends on your computer.

    Harriet, thanks for the perennial's name. I thought it was related to the one I have, Heliopsis ‘Loraine Sunshine’. Loraine doesn't get that large but has the deep yellow blooms.

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