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Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Leslie Ornelas

We featured some scenes from Leslie Ornelas’s gorgeous Colorado Springs, Colorado, garden back on October 12th of 2011, and if you go back and take another look, you might recognize some of the features you’ll see in today’s photos, in summertime! The red arbor is particularly striking in the snow, and illustrates, once again, how much colorful structure can add to the garden during the dormant season.

Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Leslie Ornelas

Of the pups, Leslie says “one of the dogs enjoys the snow MUCH more than the other–our Frenchie, Ruby-Petunia, just wants to “take care of business” and get back inside to the sofa!” Leslie’s garden is undeniably wonderful, but check out the view from her raised deck!! Amazing. Thanks, Leslie, for checking back in and showing us the opposite season.

Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Leslie Ornelas

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Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Leslie Ornelas
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  1. Steepdrive 01/18/2012

    We are still awaiting our first measurable snow here in Maryland. It doesn't seem like winter when the temps go up into the 60ºs.

  2. User avater
    meander_michaele 01/18/2012

    It is quite a contrast from then (the earlier shared photos) to now although the happy grin on her big black dog is a constant. Her garden certainly has a whole different look covered by the blanket of snow...nice to have the comforting thought that everything is resting up and will come back to life in another couple of months.

  3. bethnbijoux 01/18/2012

    One of the best pet photos ever from GPOD! Nice to see the dogs frolicking in the snow.

  4. tractor1 01/18/2012

    Each year I look forward to the snow, a pristine blanket to hide flaws and gives me a long needed break by greatly lessening outdoor chores. I really like that arbor framing the snow covered conifer, but with that dense tree so near that arbor is lacking a bird feeder or two... would make that scene come alive!

  5. pattyspencer 01/18/2012

    What a difference between summer and winter. The only thing that didn't change was the adorable dog! I love how the red arbor stands out as well but I have to agree with Tractor1 - a bird feeder or two would complete the picture.

  6. annek 01/18/2012

    What a lovely winter scene. And the last photo...oh my. Do you live close to the 'Devil's Back' formations? I used to drive along that route everyday to go to work. You live in heaven!

  7. greengrowler 01/18/2012

    Thanks, once again, for the lovely comments.....Yes, tractor1, I also enjoy the "resting" season where the only "chores" are dreaming of new garden designs, plant combinations, and plant catalog shopping! And, thanks to all who suggested a bird feeder - don't know how that escaped me, but it will definitely go on the "wish" list for Spring! To Annek: I live about 1 mile north of The Garden of the Gods and take 30th Street everyday to work; I am so lucky to have an awesome view of all the formations on the way. The black Chow Chow, Zia, LOVES the snow - she absolutely will NOT come inside when it's snowing!

  8. sheilaschultz 01/18/2012

    'Garden' of the Gods has it all... color contrasts, textural differences and of course, Pike's Peak as a backdrop. A year round garden at it's best! You are a lucky woman, Leslie, to be able to garden surrounded by such natural beauty.

  9. jbarchilon 01/24/2012

    Oh my gosh, my son's going to Colorado College, partly because he fell in love with your neighborhood view!
    PS, Love the doggies and the winter view.
    JB in CT

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