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READER PHOTOS! Leslie’s garden in Colorado, revisited

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Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Leslie Ornelas

We’ve visited Leslie Ornelas’ (GreenGrowler) garden in Colorado Springs before, and we love it (refresh your memory HERE and HERE). She sent in some new photos to share a few days ago. Leslie says, “The garden is struggling this year due to the heat/drought and six days of fire evacuation – no watering!

Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Leslie Ornelas

The flamingos (Casita – Mingos) were made for me by a dear friend. We have a patio under our deck, the “Casita”, which is our retreat. It’s decorated in the Mexican theme, and my friend surprised me with the ‘Mingos to add a little just-tacky-enough charm. I made the tile pedestal you can see a bit of in one photo.”

Leslie, considering what you and your garden have been through this summer, your garden looks GREAT! And my mother, who collects flamingos, would adore yours. So cute!! Thanks for sharing.

Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Leslie Ornelas
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Leslie Ornelas
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Leslie Ornelas
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Leslie Ornelas
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Leslie Ornelas
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Leslie Ornelas

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  1. User avater
    Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 08/16/2012

    great collection of coleus. they have become one of my favorite annuals. great garden in a hostile climate!

  2. User avater
    meander_michaele 08/16/2012

    Hi, Leslie, sometimes I look at pictures before I read the accompanying copy and, in today's case, I was immediately struck with an attack flamingo envy. "Wow, what great finds" I thought to myself. How sweet to then read that they were a gift from a dear friend of yours. I have to ask....does she just take a more conventionally colored pink one and do some creative painting and embellishing? or does she start totally from scratch? Anyway, they're adorable and go so perfectly with your great plant combos.

  3. tractor1 08/16/2012

    Leslie, I love your gorgeous flamboyant flamingos, who'd a thunk tipsy purple! And your fountain birdbaths are serendipitous, they appear handmade by a potter... is that tequila I see flowing? And all your plants are thriving. I'm so glad you remained unscathed by the fire. Thank you for sharing.

  4. sheila_schultz 08/16/2012

    Leslie, your containers look fabulous, I can't believe they made it through the 6 days of no watering! But... it's the 'mingos' that have stolen my heart. Who needs flowers when you have fab flamingos? See you Sat.!

  5. greengrowler 08/16/2012

    I'm so delighted you all appreciate the "Mingos"! I was worried they might be a bit too, well, GLITTERY for "good taste" but I LOVE them, especially since my dear friend created them. Meander1 - actually, my friend says you can buy online all sorts of different colored flamingos; she started with the pink ones I think..... And yes, she COMPLETELY covers them - including wrapping the legs in pipe-cleaners then glitter - it took MANY hours and MANY tubes of glue!

    Tractor1 - you've found me out! Very observant of you to notice the "tequila" fountain - that's why "Margarita" (yes, they have names) is leaning in for a drink.... "Jose" (as in Cuervo)is the cool dude in the hat.

    Vojt - thanks - LOVE Coleus! If they survive transplanting into the pots, they do great. Along with many varieties of Sweet Potato vine, they are definitely the stars of my containers. Just keep them watered and pinched!

    Sheila - thanks so much!! I've been given strict instructions to give you a BIG HUG from Michelle on Saturday - see you then!

  6. soilgoil 08/16/2012

    We're experiencing 90-plus degree weather here in the normally cool, damp Pacific Northwest, so this morning's photos were an oasis for the eyes! Thank you, Leslie. I love everything about your garden, including your artful, whimsical,'mingos.

  7. woodlandgardener 08/16/2012

    Wonderful flamingos - you have good friends!

  8. kzoocookie 08/16/2012

    I second the comments below, plus the tile pedestal is great too. Very professional looking!

  9. terieLR 08/16/2012

    Happy Day Leslie, Oh I too want to be there on Saturday for a hug! I hope your day is perfect Sheila.
    The 'Mingos are great! Every once in a while we see pink in NY yards and I laugh. Now yours I would display! I want your friend ;) Great job on the pedestal too.
    You're right, orange in your garden is a nice touch. An orange-pink phlox is showing off at the moment in mine. It really does add pop for drama.

  10. plant_lady_55 08/16/2012

    I collect flamingos, too, and have never seen any like yours. I love them. I will have to figure out how they were painted. Your garden is lovely. I like the orange poppies with what appears to be purple foxglove. Nice combo.

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