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READER PHOTOS! Dr. Seuss would be a fan of this plant…

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Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Jan Meissner

Today’s photos take us to Jan Meissner’s garden in Avon, Ohio, again. Today she says, “Weeping threadleaf arborvitae (Thuja occidentalis ‘Filiformis’, USDA Hardiness Zones 2-7) seems like a plant straight out of the imagination of Dr. Suess. It keeps things interesting in this boring spot in the side yard. The crazy giant hosta next to it looks like it’s fighting for attention. No one ever sees this this part of the garden, but when I throw compost into my bin that’s tucked into a corner here, my crazy specimens make me smile.” Thanks, Jan!

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Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Jan Meissner
Click here to enlarge this photo.
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Jan Meissner

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  1. gottagarden 05/04/2011

    I'll bet the deer would LOVE that.

  2. LASGARDEN 05/04/2011

    This plant is gorgeous. Where did you purchase it? Want one just like it for my landscaping around my pond. The birdcage with hens and chicks is a great idea for my pond. I have an old birdcage. Just a beautiful idea. Thanks

  3. ncgardener 05/04/2011

    I love the textures. This is a beautiful garden. I love the way that you have taken foliage and made it interesting.I am working on my borders how do you keep them so neat looking?

  4. greenthumblonde 05/04/2011

    I purchased the plant at a local garden center. I frequent about 7 different garden centers as well as a huge midwest grower looking for new cool things I haven't tried yet. I saw it only once about 3 or 4 years ago and have not seen it anywhere since. I scooped it up right away. It was rather pricey and a man buying tomato plants asked what it was. He thought it was as silly as its price tag and said he was going to stick to tomatoes. So far, deer have not found it all that desireable either.

    ncgardener, thanks for your comment on neat borders. I obsess over borders. I cut them back with a straight edge three times a year and my lawn service holds the weed whacker vertical and hits the edges weekly. They also whack all the hosta leaves unfortunately. Which means I have to go back and remove the damaged leaves. But I don't mind. I'm happy the grass is cut so I can focus on the fun stuff.

  5. KariLonning 05/04/2011

    Once established is it as easy to grow as other arborvitaes? It adds a wonderful texture contrast to your garden.

  6. sheilaschultz 05/04/2011

    You are a master with texture Jan... I'm hoping for more photos!

  7. greenthumblonde 05/05/2011

    Since this specimen is on a standard, the only hard part about growing it is that it has had to remain staked. The head gets so large that I'm afraid it is too top weighted for it's own good. I prune the head (keeping it fluffy of course) to keep it within reason. Otherwise, yes, it is very easy.

  8. 77355 05/05/2011

    Beautiful side yard!

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