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READER PHOTOS! Avis’s garden in Maryland

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Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Avis Vesely

Today’s photos are from Avis Veseley in southern Maryland.

She says, “This is a picture taken from our little “Wee House” where we nap, play with grandchildren, sort seeds and plan gardens. When resting on the couch I love to look out onto the curving garden path that leads to the rustic arbor.  This picture was taken last summer. We live in southern Maryland near the Chesapeake Bay on a very wooded lot which I have been working to tame a bit. I love being outside working the earth even on these warm winter days and looking forward to spring.

Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Avis Vesely

“As for the Wee House, I am a military wife and had been carrying around old stained glass windows purchased in England 30 years ago and standing them inside our windows for privacy instead of curtains. When the moving life was over, I put one of the windows in our Wee House. After we renovated our house we had 4 boxes of hardwood flooring left over, so that went in along with some inexpensive bead board, a crazy green couch which turns into a bed, and a wonderful old sconce that was salvage. It’s my quiet place and is also becoming a place our granddaughter loves to color and cuddle.”

So great, Avis. That view is wonderful. Thanks for sharing it with us!

Send me pics of YOUR garden hang-out spots, everyone! I think they’re fascinating, and sort of like the “kitchen” of the garden, if you catch my drift. It’s where people congregate, talk, and relax, and maybe even get a little work done. Email me at [email protected].

Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Avis Vesely

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  1. Steepdrive 01/17/2012

    Avis - lovely spot. I really like your stone walkway through the woods.

    I'm from Maryland, too! My photos were on last Tuesday. S Tuesday must be for Maryland gardeners. :)

  2. User avater
    meander_michaele 01/17/2012

    Well, your Wee House is truly the the very definition of adorable. It seems to be tucked into the surrounding trees just such a cozy feeling. Your grandchildren must love to visit and get to spend time in such an enchanting place. The stained glass window creates a magical spot of natural light. Congratulations on a beautiful piece of work.

  3. riverlady 01/17/2012

    I loved the picture of your path. I am in the process of making such a path in my yard too. It is a lot of work as we have been gathering the rocks ourselves with several trip into the woods of Ontario. I live in Marchand, Manitoba and have gardened our 2 acre lot on a river for just over 2 years. It is a work in progress but I love it. I was interested in your comment about the 'moving life' being over. We moved lots over the years too with my husband being with the railroad. Such a life affords lots of gardening experience though, making each place home. By the way, it is -20F outside here at this time. BRR!

  4. sheilaschultz 01/17/2012

    What a perfect spot to nurture the imagination in both the young and old. It must be the first place your granddaughter wants to go when she come over. Lucky girl.

  5. jmlecocq 01/17/2012

    What a great idea! If we had grandkids...I might consider this. that stone walkway is so enticing. I like the way your image invites the viewer to continue on the trail.

  6. pattyspencer 01/17/2012

    What a neat place to have at the end of a lovely walkway! Love it!

  7. CiCiD 01/18/2012

    Your grandchildren are very, very lucky!!!

  8. davsav 01/18/2012

    I forgot to add that my brother Dennis, a jazz sax guy, spends an hour or so every day in the "Wee House" practicing scales on his horn whenever he visits. He loves the quiet and the view. Avis

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