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READER PHOTOS! A gem of a succulent garden

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Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Jane Johnson

Todays photos, continuing in the succulent theme of the week, are from Jane Johnson in Laguna Hills, California. She says, “Sherman Library & Gardens was founded in 1980 in Corona del Mar, California, and has a delightful succulent garden. Here are some shots that illustrate the design, variation, and interest that such a garden can possess. My husband took these photos last weekend when we discovered the gardens (2 1/2 amazing acres of what, for me, is a teaching garden). We just moved to southern California from central Pennsylvania, and we have to learn to garden all over again. I’m a master gardener and passionate plant nut. No matter how experienced we are, there are always new lessons and opportunities for growth in gardening…..hooray for that!Thanks, Jane, for sharing this garden with us!

It’d be great to finish off the week with some photos of succulents from your gardens! Send me some photos today, and I’ll try to continue this theme for tomorrow.

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Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Jane Johnson
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Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Jane Johnson
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Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Jane Johnson
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Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Jane Johnson
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Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Jane Johnson
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Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Jane Johnson


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  1. gottagarden 10/28/2010

    Fabulous garden! All those succulents remind me of underwater corals and sponges, could be an "under the sea" theme.

  2. user-7006885 10/28/2010

    This is just gorgeous! I am getting all sorts of ideas.

    I have a dry area alongside a graveled path just behind a breezeway which is in dire need of some sort of drought proof plants. I've never done much with succulents or plants for dry areas so this never occurred to me as a possible solution. Something like this would be perfect and look great too.

    Thanks Jane, for the wonderful photos.

  3. arboretum 10/28/2010

    well, if those sedum step risers are not the coolest thing since sliced bread, I don't know what is!! I'm so glad all these photos were included, to give us an idea of all the variations.

    Many years ago a talented R.I. nursery owner,Sean Conway, displayed 2 succulent 'patchwork quilts' in wooden sided troughs flanking some stairs. Now these photos are inspiring me again. Great shots, Mr.J; thank you.

    BTW, for readers who like these displays, there is a fabulous Garden Conservancy garden in Walnut CA., near San Fran. The Ruth Bancroft Garden is an astounding world unto itself- drought tolerant desert and southern hemisphere plants. I can easily say that i have never visited any garden more unique or fascinating.

    a teaching website

  4. soilgoil 10/28/2010

    Love this garden, and all the succulent gardens you've featured this week. During a recent visit to the Central Coast of California, observed many beautiful xeriscape gardens replacing lawns. 'Way to go, for so many reasons! Check out Sierra Azul Nursery & Garden,Watsonville, CA:

  5. zippygal 10/28/2010

    What a gorgeous garden!! I love succulents and have many in pots on my decks as well as a terraced succulent garden on a steep hillside. This is definitely the way to go not only for the beauty of the plants but for a wonderful way to save on water usage. Thanks for highlighting succulents this week! Loved it!!

  6. sheilaschultz 10/28/2010

    The front edge of the garden reminds me of a mosaic, a feast for the eyes. The step risers are also very cool. I recently saw a long 'tube/sock' like thing that is made for exactly this neat is that? And finally, the Ruth Bancroft Garden is supposed to have fun classes aside from the beautiful gardens.

  7. 00aa 03/06/2011

    fantastic! exactly what all I want, ha ha~

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