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READER PHOTOS! A startling visitor

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Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Pam Wittenberg

Today’s photos are from Pam Wittenberg in Santa Rosa, California. She says, “My husband found this caterpillar hanging out on the backside of a piece of discarded lumber in our side yard. I moved it onto a beautiful Tiarella blossom in the garden to take a picture. I don’t care if my favorite plants get eaten now and then, especially when the bugs who do the munching look like this!” Thanks, Pam, for sending this in! Anyone out there know what this little fellow is? Comment below!

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Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Pam Wittenberg


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  1. user-7006885 05/30/2011

    He doesn't even look real, does he? Looks like something rigged up for a sci-fi movie. Gorgeous.

  2. Laralyn 05/30/2011

    Hi, that is a Western Tussock moth and it is toxic. I had it invade one of my rose gardens in Aliso Viejo - came from neighboring pear trees. It did more damage that the sawfly and was eliminated due to the toxicity. Pretty but naughty!

  3. PamWittenberg 05/30/2011

    I searched forever to identify this prior to sending it in to GPOD and couldn't do it, but got an instant ID once the pic went up on GPOD. Thanks!

  4. eddie007 06/03/2019

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