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READER PHOTO! Now that’s some wildlife

Sharp-shinned hawk. Click here to enlarge this photo.
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Denise Dyko

In response to Monday’s post (Feed the birds), Denise Dyko of Millbrook, New York, sent in these photos of some wildlife in her garden. She says, “If you provide enough of a feast for the birds, you might invite bigger guests that feast on the backyard birds themselves.  My garden is less than a quarter of an acre in a small village but the hawks find it an adequate hunting ground—especially the immature hawks, who don’t seem to mind a bench or a birdbath as a perch.  The sharp-shinned hawk is in a large spruce that towers above the bench.” Thanks, Denise, for sharing your visitors with us!

Got any shots of wildlife feasting in your garden in fall and winter? Share them with us! While you’re at it, send me shots of your kids and grandkids in the garden, too. We’d love to feature a week of the next generation of gardeners at work.

Cooper’s hawk
Click here to enlarge this photo.
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Denise Dyko
Cooper’s hawk
Click here to enlarge this photo.
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Denise Dyko


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  1. arboretum 12/18/2010

    what a THRILL to see these. some talented birders posting on the Perennials forum of gardenweb- have been posting a few great hawk shots as well! such a handsome creature!

  2. sheilaschultz 12/18/2010

    This is a very late post, but this is awesome photo. Thank you!

  3. arboretum 12/18/2010

    correcting myself, it is actually the New England Forum of! hawks in MA and CT.
    thank you again, denise.

  4. SherylAZ 05/21/2012

    Thanks for posting this -beautiful!

  5. greengenes 01/23/2015

    This is a great picture! These are beautiful birds to watch. Last year we had a few of these come in and sit by our bird feeder. Yes, I have caught them in the act of getting some little birds too. But I have never been able to capture them with a camera. This year I haven't seen any around. And even less birds in all kinds. Iam hoping they will be back this coming spring and summer! Thanks

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