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READER PHOTO! A faux borrowed view

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Photo/Illustration: Mindy Arbo
Click here to enlarge this photo.
Photo/Illustration: Mindy Arbo

Today’s photo is from Mindy Arbo in Winchester, Massachusetts. She says, “To distract visitors from some newly built houses next door, we borrowed from a Japanese design element called The Borrowed View, which, in our case we adapted to a Faux Borrowed View. We created and hung two circular mirror ‘windows’ which brighten up a formerly dead spot by reflecting sunlit greenery, branches and sky. Now, as you round that bend in the path , your eyes are drawn downward to the mirrors which give the effect of two round see-through windows/peepholes seemingly showing sunny foliage in the garden next door! They do fool a lot of visitors who seem to enjoy the trick!  To see more about them and how they were made, click here:” Thanks, Mindy, for sharing this with us!

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  1. SMLD 07/07/2010

    Unlike many mirror windows, Mindy's have a high proportion of heavy metal framing which creates the effect of leading in stained glass or antique settings for diamond rings. These sparkly objects are beautiful in themselves as well as in their reflections!

  2. greenthumbs2 07/07/2010

    Really enjoyed learning about this technique which is new to me. Love what it can do for an area that is otherwise "blank". Loved the web-site as well.

  3. Berrie 07/07/2010

    Love the idea of mirror backed windows in the garden. This technique with an asian flavor is very lovely and balanced. I have used this in my garden, but my theme was a more weathered look with a old door and placing a round mirror on it. This is on our back fence, the effect looks like we have a connecting door with a hole peering into another part of our garden. This gives the effect of a deeper back yard.

  4. David_Bockman 07/07/2010

    Just excellent, I love it! Mirrors in the garden are such a great element, you've used them brilliantly IMHO.

  5. arboretum 07/07/2010

    berrie, that door idea sounds terrific, but what are you waiting for, girl??!Send in your photo!! It's possible you could be part of an intermittent mirror series!(remember those other cool mirrors featured in june?)


  6. arboretum 07/08/2010

    smld, now you have me thinking; when you mentioned the heaviness of the metal screen, i flashed to a confessional! but creating a faux confessional in the garden? i don't think so!!!...........

  7. SonnyFL 07/14/2010

    Such a beautiful way to bring light into a dark area. Who would even think that there was a McMansion behind the wall.
    The site has so much info and gorgeous pictures.

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