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READER PHOTO! Mary Jane’s garden in New York

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Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Mary Jane Hayhurst

Today’s photo is from Mary Jane Hayhurst in Orchard Park, New York. She says, “This is the view from our porch and as you enter from the driveway. In the foreground is hostas, ferns, astilbes, wild ginger, epimedium, lady’s mantle, variegated Solomon’s seal, feverfew, perennial geraniums, Penstemon digitalis ‘Husker Red’, and comfrey. in the background is ninebark. A walkway leads to Adirondack chairs overlooking our creek. I have a great love for shade gardens. There are several on our property with over 100 hostas.”

Thanks for sending it your photo, Mary Jane. Your garden is beautiful!

Send in your photos, folks! Email me at [email protected].


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  1. JulieBW 01/05/2012

    Just lovely! I'm surprised to see the Penstemon on your list, thought it was move sun-loving.

  2. Wife_Mother_Gardener 01/05/2012

    Wonderful planting design... the astilbe look like lace among your green foliage plants. Beautiful!

  3. Happily_Gardening 01/05/2012

    Relaxing and soothing!

  4. pattyspencer 01/05/2012

    I like the softness the astilbe gives it. My Pestemon started in the sun then my neighbor's tree grew huge and now mine also grows in shade - well mostly shade up until about 1:00 s0 maybe it gets enough sun

  5. sheilaschultz 01/05/2012

    Shade gardens are so peaceful. You've created a beautiful space Mary Jane.

  6. BethTW 01/05/2012

    just my style! i am craving hands in the dirt so i work towards this. beautiful!! c'mon spring!!

  7. priscilla_zone5 01/05/2012

    Your garden is absolutely breathtaking, Mary Jane! Please continue to inspire us by sending in more pictures of your shade gardens.

  8. MJH714 01/05/2012

    Thank you all for your kind comments! I am able to include a few sun/partsun plants in this garden as there are pockets within the garden that receive enough sunlight. Morning sun until about 11:30AM then another hit from the West about 4:00pm. I will try to post more pictures of my shade gardens in the future. For some of you that are interested in Hosta the varieties are: Kousa Regal, June, Striptease, Whirlwind, Golden Tiara, Regal Splendor, Peridot and Guacamole. The Kousa Regal reaches waist high and the scapes are 6 foot when in bloom. I love them all! This garden is about 12 years old.

  9. annek 01/06/2012

    Candy for the eyes! I love the chartreuse accents and the different leaf shapes. Lovely shade garden.

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