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READER PHOTO! Marilyn’s garden in Washington state

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Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Marilyn Buergel

Today’s photos are from Marilyn Buergel in Spokane, Washington. She says, “I had this mirror left from a remodel in the basement. My neighbor and friend helped me (he did all the work really) to frame it and upcycle it into garden art. It has a plywood base with framing around the mirror. David made it so that it can be taken apart and cleaned, although I never have. I’ve just cleaned the mirror. By the end of the season I have to cut the wines away from the mirror just to see it. Beneath the mirror is a bubbler. Many people are mistaken thinking it is a window and not a mirror. It is quite fun. One of my girl friend’s granddaughters asked her if fairies lived in my back yard. I do have fun with my garden. It is my therapy.” Thanks, Marilyn! This is sure to inspire a lot of gardeners.


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  1. gottagarden 11/11/2011

    I have always found mirrors in the garden to be a delightful "trick" to expand the garden view. This is like a window to another garden room.

  2. JulieBW 11/11/2011

    Great way to make a small garden look big.

  3. tractor1 11/11/2011

    A very nice window framing job, especially adding panes too. I like the variety of plants as well, dogwood, Japanese red maple, and what a appears to be a very lush weeping beech? all set the scene well.

  4. Wife_Mother_Gardener 11/11/2011


  5. pattyspencer 11/11/2011

    Love it!

  6. User avater
    meander_michaele 11/11/2011

    I love how bold in size and yet subtle in placement this outside mirror is. It looks like it was definitely a two person job to get it safely hung. Marilyn and her very helpful friend should be quite pleased at their finished product. My main reservation about such a feature is the rude surprise I would get at unexpectedly catching a glimpse of myself in all my bedraggled gardening glory...ignorance is bliss!

  7. oldsquaw 11/11/2011

    Although I agree with 'meander1' that catching a sudden glimpse of me in the mirror wouldn't enhance the experience, I love this mirror and how it expands the garden. Fantastic idea!

  8. soilgoil 11/11/2011

    I, too, love using mirrors in the garden, and this is an example of one done very well.

  9. greengrowler 11/11/2011

    LOVE the mirror vignette! I, too, use mirrors in my garden; they certainly help expand a small garden. Maybe we could submit photos of "mirrors in the garden" for a future GPOD. And, YES, I wholeheartedly agree (from yesterday's comments) that you do a FABULOUS job, Michelle! Thanks for all your efforts and creativity - you are appreciated!

  10. sheilaschultz 11/11/2011

    Your garden is definitely an inspiration, Marilyn. It's absolutely lovely.

  11. ruru 11/11/2011

    Gardening is much cheaper than therapy and produces beautiful results! Lovely!

  12. drrmd 11/11/2011

    While the mirror and garden are certainly beautiful, and I am loathe to be a "kill-joy", I wonder about the potential for bird strikes. Literally millions of songbirds are killed each year through collisions with windows in our buildings because of reflection of what appears to them to be unobstructed vegetation. If many of us now add mirrors to our gardens as well, I'm concerned that the staggering numbers of deaths will increase. There are several effective translucent materials or screens that can be applied to windows to prevent strikes. Although they might slightly interfere with a mirror's crystal clear reflection, I think they are worth considering. The search sequence "bird window collision prevention" on any Internet search engine will link to further information and potential solutions. Thank you to those who are willing to read further.

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