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READER PHOTO! A hunter’s unique camouflage

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Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Elizabeth Healy

They say that pets often begin to look like their owners, but in this case, the pet is beginning to look like its owner’s garden! Elizabeth Healy of Danbury, Connecticut (Liz is the copy editor for Fine Woodworking magazine!), sent me this photo of her 1-year-old Norwich terrier, Rocky, hiding under her japanese maple, hunting robins. She assures me that he never catches any. Adorable, Liz!  **HEY, guess what! You can be friends with Rocky on Facebook! You know you can’t resist…click here!

I’m feeling a “pets in the garden” theme coming on… Send in your photos!!

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  1. elizk 05/13/2011

    Thanks, Michelle. I do have a question for my fellow gardeners out there. This very tree is split right in the center crotch, because it got buried under too much snow and (sad to say) Rocky kept walking on top of it. I fixed the split with duct tape and the tree seems to be OK for now, but I wonder how long that will be OK before I have to take the tape off to avoid damaging the bark ... anybody have similar experiences with this? Is there a better product to hold the split together until it heals? Or am I just putting off the inevitable and the tree will die?

  2. arboretum 05/13/2011

    liz, duct tape is not good idea. even thick rope is better.
    Best is to go to a nursery and get rubber/foam type cover or tubing that fits over wire when used to tie trees to stakes . Put that rubber/foam around rope where the rope will be making contact w/ the tree.Otherwise, use folded up fabric under the rope so air can get in there and rope will not bite into cambium. Meanwhile, at least replace the duct tape w/ thick rope. Also tie the tree together in two places, one at top of split, one at bottom of split, to relieve pressure being in just one spot.

  3. Ruth 05/13/2011

    Cute photo, Liz. Rocky picked the perfect place to lurk.

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