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READER PHOTO! A green roof good enough for a gnome…

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Photo/Illustration: LeAnn Locher

Today’s photo is from LeAnn Locher in Portland, Oregon. She says, “This is in the funky neighborhood of North Portland, in Portland, Oregon. Located along a sidewalk, this “gnomescape” features a variety of gnomes working away, right at eye level for passer-bys to enjoy. As a city ripe with green roofs, it’s only fitting that the gnome’s house has a green roof as well. P.S. Can you see the guard on duty at the top of the photo? Kitty was very wary of me eyeing her gnomes.” Thanks, LeAnn, for sharing this photo with us!

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  1. Stoatley 07/09/2010

    Now this is an appropriate use of gnomes in the garden! Adorable.

  2. arboretum 07/09/2010

    Can you just IMAGINE having your children grow up with this wonderful thing in their lives?!! I can't believe how generous the creators were to make this, and how clever is its construction! LeAnn, do you know them? Your capture of the guardcat in your photo- is just perfect!
    thanks so much;made my day!

  3. valleygardener 07/09/2010

    Very clever use of gnomes and their green home! I would be interested in Fine Gardening doing an article about gnomes, fairies and the miniature gardens one can style into their garden design.

  4. nise80 07/09/2010

    Well said Stoatley, well said!

  5. purplegrny1 07/12/2010

    Perfect! My new winter project with the log I rescued from son's new cabin in the mountains. And it's accompanying lichen.

  6. Small_potatoes 07/24/2010

    You're so right, Valleygardener. It so happens we are in the process of doing things with our front yard garden, and this gnome house (not to mention fairies and mini-gardens) would work perfectly. I have just the place for such a thing! I am going to save a copy of this photo. Thanks for this great garden accent.

  7. gardenhoer62 08/26/2010

    Love the gnome home. I would love to have more details on how you put it together.
    I would also like more articles on mini gardens and fairy gardens etc. Sorry for the late posting.

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