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READER PHOTO! Mystery flowers

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Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Mary Palmer

When Mary Palmer from near Monroe, Washington, sent in this photo a couple of days ago, I had an inkling of what these gardening ornaments were, and I begged her to tell me I was right. Mary says, “They are indeed toilet tank floats. I had purchased two for a project that I never finished so they remained stuffed in a paper sack for several years. When I got the idea to use them as odd flowers on the lovely dead grass (Anemanthele lessoniana, USDA Hardiness Zones 8-11), two were not enough. I finally located a few more and found they had nearly doubled in price! The dead grasses have now been replaced with live ones and their funky flowers now adorn a potted palm in the summer. Alas, the brilliant copper color has tarnished so now they are tastefully understated. Also in the photo are Mahonia x media ‘Arthur Menzies’ (Zones 8-9), Bergenia ‘Bressingham Ruby’ (Zones 4-8), and Carex tenuiculmis ‘Cappuccino’ (Zones 7-9).” Thanks, Mary, for sharing!

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  1. user-7006885 12/02/2010

    Such a clever idea. The copper color looks wonderful with the pale tan grasses.

    Yes, copper has certainly gone up in price the last year or so. Hope your flowers are not near the roadside or you might find someone has "picked" them for a sumptuous bouquet.

  2. sheilaschultz 12/02/2010

    The copper color is wonderful with the 'dead' grass, who would have thought toilet innards could be artistic? Naive art in the garden!

  3. arboretum 12/02/2010

    ha! i thought they were panty hose 'eggs' (remember those?!)
    Fun idea, Mary; I started thinking acorns and oak trees........


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