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Protect your garden from Hurricane Irene

While you are preparing for the storm this weekend, be sure not to forget about your beloved plants and garden:

1. Containers that are not too heavy should be moved closer to your home or indoors. If they are too heavy to move, it is best to cluster them together for added protection.

2. Hanging baskets should also be moved to a safer location where they will not be blown away by the high winds and heavy rains.

3. If your garden has stakes they should either be removed, or pushed deeper into the ground so they will not become a hazard.

4. Any garden ornaments — birdhouses, garbage cans and umbrellas — are likely to be blown away if the winds reach high velocity, so you may want to shelter them as well.

5. Lastly, your garden tools should be brought inside…unless you want your neighbor down the street to inherit your brand-new trowel.

Good luck this weekend and stay safe.


For more on what you can do to prepare:


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  1. southernsoil 08/26/2011

    We have weathered many hurricanes in coastal North Carolina and I suggest that rather than group your containers, the large ones, lay them on their side. Most hurricanes are not ground huggers. This one I do not know if it is a ground hugger or not,yet. Through experience my containers have weathered the storms much better laying on their side. Wishing the best for all in Irene's path.

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