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Little thatched cottage & garden

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Photo/Illustration: Michelle Gervais

One more shot from Old Westbury Gardens, but a much smaller-scale scene! Today’s image is of an adorable thatched cottage and cottage garden. Unfortunately, Hurricane Irene had dropped a tree quite near this garden (it didn’t hit the cottage, luckily!), so I couldn’t get any closer. I would have liked to peek inside the windows and get some close-up shots of those plants!


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  1. ncgardener 10/17/2011

    Beautiful, I may need to use that photo as my screen saver during the winter to remind me that summer will come again. Thanks!

  2. Deanneart 10/17/2011

    What a lovely, flower abundant garden! wonderful

  3. gardengal42 10/17/2011

    I agree with ncgardener If nc is for North Carolina I too live in NC the weather and and garden are still doing fine This is my clea-up time of the year. Oh to have a thatched cottage here...."Oh to be in England-----

  4. snollygaster 10/17/2011

    Really charming. I like the curving stone path around the cottage, emphasizing the soft-lined coziness of the cottage. Very heart warming on this frosty morning! Thanks.

  5. petuniababi 10/17/2011

    I can almost hear and see the bees, butterflies and hummingbirds flitting among this beautiful, abundant garden. So lovely!!!!

  6. clydiemor 10/17/2011

    I have been to this little cottage many times. My husband even took a picture of me looking out the window before we were married.
    I have enjoyed your pictures very much..I haven't been there in a while.

  7. Annesfirst 10/17/2011

    I, too, have visited this cottage many times. During the height of the English garden craze it was surrounded by the lowest white picket fence. Inside it was lined with pale pink fairy roses, and the big bed was filled with delphiniums. If you peered in the window you saw a display of old-fashioned wooden toys: the most beautiful rocking horse and other colorful things. It is still the stuff of dreams.

    The main garden was known for its fabulous latticework.

    Thanks for reminding me that I have been away from Old Westbury too long!

  8. arboretum 10/17/2011

    michelle, can't thank you enough for continuing to take me to these beautiful spots.

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