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Early Autumn in an English Garden

By: Kim Charles

Istvan Dudas shares his latest photographic perspectives with us from the private garden he oversees in the UK.

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  1. User avater
    treasuresmom 10/09/2017

    So much color everywhere. Beautiful!

    1. istvandudas 10/09/2017

      I'm glad that you like it!

  2. Jay_Sifford 10/09/2017

    Just lovely!

    1. istvandudas 10/09/2017

      Thank you

  3. jeffgoodearth 10/09/2017

    Visually stunning in every way. I'm sure that in person all senses would be full tilt on every level. absolutely beautiful!

    1. istvandudas 10/09/2017

      Thank you,in reality the gardens looks better than in photos .Next year your welcome to visit it.

  4. user-7007498 10/09/2017

    Good morning, Istvan (although it's already afternoon for you). The fall borders are lovely and exciting. Wonderful progression of color and form as the seasons progress. Very skilled work. Well done. Great start to the week.

    1. istvandudas 10/09/2017

      Thank you.I have tried to make the fall borders in such a way as to give it colours and a fall natural atmosphere.

  5. mjensen 10/09/2017

    love it , alot of my favorite flowers

    1. istvandudas 10/09/2017

      Thank you .Personally I don't have favourite flowers.I think that a gardener have to love any flowers like a chef has to like any kind of food.

  6. Sunshine111 10/09/2017

    Oh to visit in English garden! Thank you for sharing these. The English garden style is so different sometimes from ours. But I really enjoyed seeing all these photos, and hope to visit someday soon.

    1. istvandudas 10/09/2017

      Thank you.I am glad that you like the English garden style. I am in the opinion that all types of gardens have their own kind of beauty.

  7. biyuan_yang 10/09/2017

    Are those blue and white small flowers in picture 6 love-in-a-mist? I have them in my garden, but only in spring, and then they die. Must be your nice weather. Love all the pictures! Thanks for sharing!

    1. istvandudas 10/09/2017

      Thank you.Yes you are right .If you would like to have for late,you need to start the seeding in early summer.

      1. wittyone 10/09/2017

        I believe I read somewhere that if you sow the seeds in succession every three weeds or so you can extend the season for love in a mist. You would of course have the seed heads there during the second or third go around but they are interesting and add to the display. I haven't ever done it and so don't know how the plants would fare once the weather gets really hot, but it's worth a try to have those lovelies blooming for a longer stretch.

        1. istvandudas 10/09/2017

          The only thing I can advise you is that you can try this method and experiment with it.You don't always need to strictly follow the rules from the books .

  8. User avater
    meander_michaele 10/09/2017

    Thanks so much, Istvan,or giving us a look at your late summer and fall garden. I love how the flowering plants are so generously filling their spots and nudging and supporting each other. It's a beautiful cast of characters who are telling the story that they have been well nourished and cared for.

    1. istvandudas 10/09/2017

      Thank you.I think that the good plants selection is the secret .If you nourish the garden it will please you with its beauty.

  9. bakeranderson 10/09/2017

    My favorite picture is of him looking into the garden, planning the next job to tackle.

    1. istvandudas 10/09/2017

      Thank you.I am the father of the plants and I m checking if everybody is all right in the family:)

  10. Doxnmomx2 10/09/2017

    Dreamy! So much to try to copy! So beautiful! One of the most amazing late summer array I've ever seen.

    1. istvandudas 10/09/2017

      Thank you that my photos about the garden are a good inspiration four you.

  11. greengenes 10/09/2017

    Good morning Estvan.. what a joy it must be to take care of these gardens. There are so many different and colorful flowers flowing thru the beds. Your capture is perfect for a fall day. Thanks for sharing!

    1. istvandudas 10/09/2017

      Thank you. In my garden you can find flowers with different colours and caracters just like in a family with
      different personalities.

      1. greengenes 10/09/2017

        That is such a great way to see the gardens Estvan.

  12. libbywilkie 10/09/2017

    I went on a garden tour in the Cotswolds last first to that area. It was beyond amazing and oh those gardens!! We just don't have that here in North Carolina! Your beds are so wonderful.

    1. istvandudas 10/09/2017

      Thank you that you like my garden I am sure that there are lots of beautiful gardens in North Carolina too.

  13. user-4691082 10/09/2017

    It’s so interesting to see Queen Anne’s lace. It grows along the roadsides here and has not been popular for quite a long time. Thanks for reintroducing them to me. I agree that the nigella is beautiful! All of America loves English gardens! Thanks for sharing yours!

    1. istvandudas 10/09/2017

      Queen Anna's lace looks so much different in the flowerbed with other plants than alongside roads .Good to hear that all of America loves English gardens.

    2. user-7008735 10/09/2017

      Some gardeners used Queen Anne's Lace in their Chelsea Flower Show gardens several years ago and it suddenly became very popular again in England and somewhat so in Canada, too. It pops up unbidden in my side garden making me "fashionable" with no effort at all. :-)

  14. user-6536305 10/09/2017

    Beautiful perennial garden. Where is it in UK and what is the name of the garden? Thanks for sharing.

    1. istvandudas 10/09/2017

      Thank you.My borders are not perennial but mixed .

  15. VikkiVA 10/09/2017

    You have an amazing mix of plant material and color. Bravo for the beauty your hard work has brought to those who see it. Vikki in VA

    1. istvandudas 10/09/2017

      I am glad that you like it.Because gardening is my passion and my hobby and not just a job,I don't considere it a hard work.

  16. User avater
    LindaonWhidbey 10/09/2017

    Good morning, Istvan and thank you for giving us a tour of this wonderful, colorful garden. I can practically smell the fragrance and hear the bees buzzing. It must give you great satisfaction to see all of your babies thriving into fall.

    1. istvandudas 10/09/2017

      Thank you for these kind words.It feels good for me to work in this garden.

  17. user-7008735 10/09/2017

    You have such a profusion of flowers, Istvan! I especially love the agapanthus and also the rising waves of bloom in the last photo. Happy Thanksgiving to all the Canadians on GPOD! I'm thankful for the beauty everyone from all over shares here each day.

    1. istvandudas 10/09/2017

      Thank you.My garden have to look naturalistic and artistic and i would like it to have a refreshing effect on everyone who visits it.

  18. foxglove12 10/09/2017

    Gorgeous! Love all the color combinations.

    1. istvandudas 10/09/2017

      Thank you:)

  19. anabowers 10/09/2017

    Wow! What a lovely, colorful and naturalistic garden!

    1. istvandudas 10/09/2017

      Thank you!

  20. chris_buscemi 10/09/2017

    Beautiful gardens Istvan. Lots of structural plants and layering. English gardens are my favorite but every garden has its beauty and speaks to us in different ways. Do you leave some plants for the winter without cutting them back for winter interest? Thank you for sharing your lovely gardens with us.

    1. istvandudas 10/10/2017

      Thank you, im glad that you like my garden. You are right, every garden has its own beauty independent of its size or style. Im gonna have winter border where the seed heads will occupy the main role .

  21. tennisluv 10/09/2017

    Istvan, the garden you are tending is just as beautiful in the fall as it was in the spring. You certainly have a way with colour, form and placement. I love the abundant, riotous look of the perennials and annuals all flaunting their stuff. The owners of this garden must truly be impressed with what you have and continue to do for them. Thanks for sharing your masterpiece.

    1. istvandudas 10/10/2017

      Thank you very much for your kind words. I look after this garden just like if it was my garden. I feel lucky because the owners trust me and they let me to create the garden as I want to.

  22. user-7008421 10/10/2017

    Beautiful garden! Lovely mix of colors in the plants' blooms. Lots of hard work to maintain those flower beds!

    1. istvandudas 10/10/2017

      Thank you. Yes there is a lot of work in it , but gardening is my passion and I believe if you love what you do it doesn't even feels like a work

  23. gardencook 10/10/2017

    These gardens are beautiful! I love all the different blends of colour!!! Thank you for sharing!

  24. Cenepk10 11/09/2017

    Ok... Now that's a garden !!!!!!!

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