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Petra’s visit to Old Westbury Gardens in Fall (12 photos)

Photo/Illustration: All photos courtesy of Petra Williams

Remember Petra Williams? We visited her Vermont garden on Tuesday. Today she’s back to share some photos from a stop she made into Old Westbury Gardens in New York.

She says, “While on Long Island for a wedding a few weeks ago, I went to Old Westbury Gardens. There wasn’t a lot of foliage color at that time but I was blown away by the property in general and the Walled Garden in particular. What a riot of color. I also got a sneak preview of their annual “Rise of the Jack O’Lanterns.”

Whoa. Thos pumpkins are SPOOKY, Petra! (there’s still time to see the display in it’s full glory if you go THIS WEEKEND!) And it was great to see some fall views of that spectacular garden. I’m usually partial to more casual gardens, but this garden does formal right. ***We visited Old Westbury Gardens once before. Check it out HERE.***

**** The push is still on–get outside and take some last minute shots, or compile a few you took earlier in the season. I’ll be eternally grateful…. Email them to [email protected]. Thanks! ****

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  1. wGardens 11/01/2013

    Wow... for a fall garden, this is fab! I too, prefer more casual gardens, but Michelle, I totally agree with you...this is "done right"! Love it! And the pumpkin display... how creative and fun! Thanks for sharing, Petra, and introducing me to this garden!

  2. bellslady 11/01/2013

    I visited Old Westbury years ago and loved it then. There was a grey garden that has always stayed in my memory. It was simple, elegant and interesting with all of the different textures. These photos show many changes, all of them positive. The colors are spectacular. Petra, thank you!

  3. Quiltingmamma 11/01/2013

    Yet another public garden to add to my travels list. Love it. The aged copper coloured bellevedere with statue is quite the focal point. The lushness and depth of colour and plantings leading to it are amazing.
    Thanks for sharing Petra.

  4. tractor1 11/01/2013

    Ahh, a trip to Lung Guyland gives me a twinge of homesickness... gotta love that English cottage.

  5. bee1nine 11/01/2013

    Hi Petra, Having shared some wonderful photo's of your visit
    to Old Westbury Gardens prompt me to search a little further
    about this very elaborate estate.
    A site one might want to check out with tons of numerous pic's--(Old Westbury Gardens Photo Gallery by James Robertson
    at pbase)...

    Thanks for introducing me to this GEM found in Nassau County,
    Long Is., N.Y.

  6. Wife_Mother_Gardener 11/01/2013

    Great visit! Thanks for sharing!!

  7. wildthyme 11/01/2013

    My inner OCD loves formal gardens. There's something about the symmetry that I find calming. Having said that, I'm kind of like Will Rogers in that I've never met a garden I DIDN'T like! I am especially partial to the rustic allee over the brick path. I've always wanted to create one of those . . . sigh.

  8. GrannyMay 11/01/2013

    There are always things to learn and admire in public gardens, even if they don't match your personal way of doing things. This one is no exception. And absolutely love Pumpkin Man! Thanks for the photos!

  9. Meelianthus 11/01/2013

    Petra, thank you so much for sharing those wonderful pictures.

  10. cwheat000 11/01/2013

    Thank you , Petra. The pumpkin displays are great and so original. I'm with granny may, public gardens are always worth a look.

  11. User avater
    meander_michaele 11/01/2013

    Popping in late (for me) of those glitch days where the GPOD site didn't want to acknowledge my existence but, ha, I'm baaack! What an amazing garden and, no surprise, I'm gaga for the gazebo...very impressive craftsmanship in the whole extensive structure. The shot of the pumpkin-pallooza is awesome. Thanks for sharing your visit to this garden, Petra.

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