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Peggy’s garden in Washington State

The upper, informal part of the property with fruit trees, Doug firs and Euphorbia amygdaloides var. robbiae. Hemerocallis ‘Lady Lucille’ shares a purple- and orange-themed bed with campanulas, hardy geraniums, and salvias.

Happy Monday, GPODers! Today’s photos are from Peggy Fox. She says, “Here are some photos from this last week in our garden.  We’re on a north-facing hill in Gig Harbor, Washington.

The entry garden and steps. On the left, David Austin roses ‘Evelyn’ and ‘Collette’ mingle with other cottage favorites including feverfew, veronica, and phlox.  Shrubs, hellebores, and hostas are interplanted with Japanese forest grass ‘All Gold’ as it cascades down the boulders on the shadier slope opposite.

We did an extensive re-landscaping of the property in 2001-2003, bringing in large slabs of rock to form paths and rockeries to contain the slope on the north side of the house, and softer rounded boulders on the south and slighter flatter side.  The rock work was done by two different landscapers, each specializing in their particular kind of stone.

A woodland shade garden includes autumn fern, Impatiens omeiana, Brunnera ‘Jack Frost’, and Podophyllum pleianthum.

I never thought I’d have a rockery after seeing my mother toil up and down hers over the years, but here we are on a slope with a rockery – it’s been quite a challenge for me as I’ve learned what works and what really doesn’t!”

The north side of the house is fairly shady so I like to use corals and deep oranges to warm it up visually. 

Absolutely gorgeous, Peggy! We need to see LOTS more!!

The lowest lawn area – the path continues down to the water on the left, or up the steps on the right to the main level.

—–Keep sending in photos of your garden, everyone! Without you, the GPOD wouldn’t exist! Join the fun and let us all see what you’re doing in your garden this year.—–

Looking the opposite direction toward a path up the hill and a quiet purple and blue corner.
A shady path lined with Rhododendron impeditum and bamboo.
Here is the path from the lower lawn going down to the fire pit area, lots of lady’s mantle lining the path and many spireas, geraniums, and other things stuffed in above it.
I took a lesson from a local woman and made this concrete cast of a gunnera leaf from a plant that used to inhabit this part of the garden – very fun project!
Scabiosa, Veronica “Royal Candles”, Golden Oregano, Phlomis and Geraniums in rockery.
Pots with sea holly, ‘Wildcat’ anagalis, and a mermaid at beach level, hebe (I think it’s ‘Blue Mist’) and stairs to fire pit above.

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  1. perenniallycrazy 06/30/2014

    Rockstar quality! Each beautiful room presents variety, color, movement, mood and flavor. Would love to see more Peggy.

  2. User avater
    meander_michaele 06/30/2014

    The rocks have been a wonderful addition to your garden areas, Peggy. They give the plants something other then each other to play off of. It is always so appealing to me to see a groundcover swirling around the base of hard surfaces and taller perennials leaning over them and softening their edges. I enjoyed reading your rationale in selecting warm tones in plant colors for your northern side. Everything is beautiful and I would be in a state of complete contentment (in the state of WA) walking up and down your lovely pathways.

  3. millierodriguez 06/30/2014


  4. User avater
    Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 06/30/2014

    This is an amazing garden with great plants! Great job. Of course I love the stones. It's hard to pick a favorite image, but I do keep reviewing the fern, impatiens and podophyllum combo!

  5. greengenes 06/30/2014

    Hi Peggy, this is your neighbor, Jeanne, in Port Orchard. What a gem you have! I sure enjoyed seeing your gardens and the beautiful rockery! I know you have a wonderful view but couldn't see it in full. Please do send more pics for us to see! Thanks!

    1. user-7007059 06/30/2014

      Hi Jeanne, thank you! Have you been here for an open garden?

  6. GrannyMay 06/30/2014

    Peggy, love the rockery, rocky paths and boulders! You have definitely risen to the challenge and made an amazing garden from a problem slope. There are too many favourite views to name them all, but I especially like the concrete Gunnera leaf that looks like it and it's lovely framing plants have been there forever. Also the blues, scabiosa, veronica and geranium, contrasting with the golden oregano around the jutting rock. And of course those massive stone steps going up to the fire-pit. The views of the garden itself are wonderful and I'm sure the view outward must be equally special. Please send more photos!

  7. user-7007059 06/30/2014

    Thanks all, for your kind comments!

    1. Clarkpark 07/08/2014

      Hello Peggy! Your gardens are wonderful. It is obvious you 've put a lot of effort designing and planning your different levels. I live in the Yakima Valley and moor our boat at Elliott Bay. I will be at Arabella's Marina Aug 22-24. Do you have a good nursery in Gig Harbor? Patty

      1. user-7007059 07/09/2014

        Hi Patricia, thanks! We used to have a pretty large nursery in the Harbor (Peninsula Gardens) but they closed about 3 years ago. There are a few smaller ones in the area: Rosedale Gardens, Raft Island Roses, Cedarcrest (small, newly started last year by a high school senior and still getting on its feet!), There is a sort of small but nice one out on Key Peninsula, Sunnycrest Nursery, but it would be a bit of a trek from Arrabella's. There are some good nurseries in the Tacoma/Puyallup area, (Portland Avenue Nursery, Watson's Nursery, Windmill Gardens and some others) but almost all nurseries are a bit of a drive from Gig Harbor now. Some of them are beautiful to shop at but pretty pricey. There are great nurseries in the Kingston area, also Port Townsend and Seattle. Are you looking for a particular thing? Some carry harder to find plants than others.

        1. Clarkpark 07/09/2014

          Hello! I'm always looking for garden art. If you ever are in eastern WA give me a call and I will share some great gardens with you. The Yakima Area Arboretum had their annual Garden Tour mid June and I was so surprised how many gardeners from western WA attended! Again, your garden is beautiful and thanks for posting your pics! Patty 509 961-8500

          1. user-7007059 07/10/2014

            Thanks Patricia, and if you want to see the garden while you're in town you're welcome to come by! No guarantees that it will be quite as "maintained" as it was when I shot the photos, tho… :)

          2. Clarkpark 07/10/2014

            Peggy, my garden was on tour June 21-22 and everything was perfect. Now all my many roses need to be deadheaded. Our temps have been near 100 so I have been concentrating on extra watering rather than deadheading! We are bringing an other couple with us on our Grand Banks who have a daughter living in Gig Harbor. I don't know our plans while in town. Thanks for the offer to visit your garden......if it works out, I'd love to stop by. What is your number? Patty

          3. user-7007059 07/10/2014

            I see that you posted yours, so I'll call you!

  8. ancientgardener 07/01/2014

    Beautiful garden, Peggy! Rocks add so much if placed properly and you have done a great job. I just discovered Brunnera last year and it adds such a light and lovely spot in my shade garden as it has in yours. I want to thank the gentleman (tn treeman - can't remember his name for sure) who suggested Vicks Vapor Rub on popsickle sticks to avoid deer, rabbits, etc. that it worked far beyond my wildest hopes. Not a single nibble this year. I have passed the tip on to many, all of whom have had great luck. Thank you!!


  9. user-7007043 07/01/2014

    I love this.

  10. Yeddi 07/01/2014

    OK. I am now not only consumed with envy but very homesick. All of your plants grow frin or close to my long lost home in Devon, England. Gunnera is a particular favourite of mine and to see that you have enough to make a cement leaf (which looks gorgeous, by the way) is enough to fill me with longing. Such a beautiful garden, Peggy! Your climate seems to be perfect for growing just about anything. Well done.

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