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The advent of a new year is a good time to think about what was and what could be in the vegetable garden.

If edible landscaping is on the list for your 2010 garden, consider red currants for a festive touch.
Photo/Illustration: Ruth Dobsevage

The advent of a new year is a good time to think about what was and what could be in the vegetable garden. In the North, the earth has frozen solid, plants are dormant, and the garden may be covered with snow. It’s a time of year when anything seems possible, which is why the seed catalogs make such wonderful reading. We’ve decided to share our 2010 gardening resolutions, and we invite you to do the same by posting your own resolutions as comments at the end of this story. Happy New Year to one and all, and happy gardening in 2010.

Susan Belsinger    
Susan Belsinger   

I will try not to over order seeds that I will not get planted.

Since dill (Anethum graveolens) is herb of the year for 2010, i hope to plant as many varieties of dill as i can find, in successive plantings, so I have it for as long as possible throughout the growing season.

I will procure and mulch with wheat straw early on to control weeds and soil erosion from spring rains.

I will keep notes and draw garden plantings in my gardening notebook this year.

I will be sure to plant enough serrano, poblano and fatali chile peppers this year since they are my favorite.


Ruth Dobsevage    
Ruth Dobsevage    • I’ll be more timely and less timid about pruning and thinning.

I’ll put more effort into fall crops.

I’ll introduce my infant granddaughter to the pleasures of gardening.


Kate Frank    
Kate Frank    I’m going to grow fewer plants, with more focus on getting the most out of the crops I do plant.

I’m going to get even better about weeding—really!

I’m going to learn how to most effectively preserve what I grow so that I waste less.


Greg Holdsworth    
Greg Holdsworth   

I will devote more time to the harvesting part of my garden, so less is wasted.

I will donate more of my produce to the local food pantries for those who need it.

I will learn more about diseases and pests to keep my veggies healthier.

I will take a second (and hopefully successful) stab at vermicomposting.

Last, but not least, I will continue to produce informative and awesomely cool posts for

Chris McLaughlin    
Chris McLaughlin    I’ll plant a wider variety of vegetables this spring.

I’ll add more garden beds so I quit whining that I don’t have enough garden space.

I’ll repot all of my houseplants – which I tend to neglect.

I’ll make time to collect my own heirloom seeds this year.

I’ll save more containers to start seeds in and not buy any pre-made seeds cells.


Jodi Torpey    
Jodi Torpey    I’ll aim for zero-waste gardening by composting, mulching, shredding and recycling.

I’ll participate in the Plant A Row for the Hungry effort by planting, growing and donating herbs and vegetables to a food bank or soup kitchen in my neighborhood.

I’ll ignore the cold weather and get an earlier start.



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