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Our sister site can expand your gardening horizons. Let's take a look.

You'll find a lot of helpful gardening information and garden design inspiration on, the flagship website of Fine Gardening magazine.
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Like many vegetable gardeners, I have a strong practical streak, and when I first started gardening, all my efforts went toward crops I could eat. Now, though, I’m increasingly intrigued by the aesthetic side of gardening. Ornamentals add seasonal color and fragrance to the landscape and just generally enhance any outdoor experience, from visiting on the patio to walking the dog.

I suspect many of us who visit this site have undergone a similar broadening of our gardening tastes, and that’s why I recommend a look at our sister site Let’s take a quick tour and sample some of the topics.

Find the right plant    
One of the site’s most helpful features is the Plant Finder. You can use this feature to look up the characteristics of a plant that has caught your eye and learn whether it will thrive in your zone.

You can also find a selection of plants that meet your criteria (for example, a spring-flowering shrub for a zone 5 sunny garden). Use the dropdowns on the right side of the page to narrow your choices.

Once you’ve found a suitable plant, (for example, Viburnum macrocephalum) click on the link to see an expanded description, including growing tips. You will also find a chart of the plant’s characteristics, followed by links to related plants to consider. If you see an orange speaker icon after the Latin name, you can click on it to hear the Latin pronunciation. You can also hear many Latin other plant names pronounced in the Pronunciation Guide

Fine Gardening magazine PlantFinder Viburnum macrocephalum
Fine Gardening‘s Plant Finder is a handy online gardening tool.   Use the Plant Finder to check out Viburnum macrocephalum and hundreds of other plants.
Learn about garden design    

In the design section of the site, you’ll find articles, tips, and videos from a design point of view that can help you shape your landscape in coherent, attractive ways. You’ll also find articles on popular types of plants. Use the dropdown menu to navigate from type to type, or sample these popular articles to get started.

The Best Plants for Sunny Borders

15 Tips for Designing a Garden

Creating a Low-Maintenance Garden

25 Robust Summer Bloomers

more garden design…

   The Best Plants for Sunny Borders
Your how-to questions addressed    

For expert information on pruning, plant propagation, lawn care, and more, see the how-to section of

How to Repot Container Plants

Deadheading Perennials

Pruning Tomatoes

10 Tips on Dividing Perennials

Improving Clay Soils

Video: How to Use a Shovel Safely

more how-to information…

  How to Repot Container Plants
Last but not least: the Kitchen Garden    

Find tips for growing herbs, berries, garlic, tomatoes, and more.

• How to Grow Raspberries

Growing Eggplants Successfully

Grow Your Own Garlic

Basil Basics

Tomatoes with a Past

more on growing vegetables, fruit, and herbs…

   How to Grow Raspberries
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