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New Vegetable Gardening Ideas for 2013, Part 2

Among the thousands of new gardening products introduced to buyers at the Independent Garden Center (IGC) Show last week, there were dozens I wanted to take home.

WoollyPocket wall planters were redesigned for 2013 based on feedback from gardeners.
Photo/Illustration: Jodi Torpey

After returning from the Independent Garden Center (IGC) Show, I spent quite a bit of time thinking about all the new products gardeners will see starting next spring. There are so many, it’s mindboggling.

I’ve done my best to narrow the list to four interesting new products that vegetable gardeners might like to try next gardening season.

When gardeners spoke, the folks at WoollyPocket Planters listened and created a new planter to help gardeners grow vertically. This new design is a smaller, hard-sided unit that can be used alone or with others to create an entire wall of planters (inside or out). This new model makes it easier for gardeners to access the interior for planting and each planter also has a water line to simplify irrigation.

Because I garden in Zone 5 where late frosts and early freezes are the norm, I’m always looking for ways to extend my vegetable gardening season and Grow it Now! Plant Protectors look promising. These plant protectors were invented by a gardener in Idaho who was also looking for ways to extend his vegetable gardening.

The protector is made of a durable plastic and is designed to stay standing in windy weather and not collapse during a big snowstorm. For larger vegetables, two or more can be snapped together. Another benefit of this product is that it folds flat for easy storage.

I’ve always appreciated the line of Bogs Footwear designed especially for gardeners, but they’ve gone a step farther this time. Bogs has decorated a pair of green boots (and shoes) with colorful peppers, mushrooms, celery, carrots, and ripe-red tomatoes. It’s such a clever design, every vegetable gardener I know will want a pair or two.

The Wallaroo Hat Company, based in Boulder, showed its line of fun and functional headgear for the entire family. These hats offer UPF 50 protection from the sun and they’re also packable. Each one is adjustable for a comfortable fit and they’re available in a variety of interesting colors and fabrics.

If you had your choice of one of these new products, which one would you choose?

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