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Moss and stones at Sticks and Stones

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Photo/Illustration: Antonio Reis

Today’s photo is from Assistant Editor Antonio Reis once again. Antonio says, “This is one of many labyrinths that I’ve found and half-completed (they take such a long time from start to finish!). This one is especially lovely, though, thanks to the materials used to build it. Instead of contrasting pavers that delineate one path from another, like the yellow and red brick roads Judy Garland marched upon in Munchkinland, this labyrinth is made of stone and moss harvested on site at Sticks and Stones Farm in Newtown, Connecticut, Fine Gardening’s neighbor just down the road. Whether you walk it or not, it’s an impressive site to stumble across in the middle of the woods, and a serene place to take a contemplative walk.” Thanks, Antonio!

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  1. Tea_garden_lover 12/29/2011

    What a magical place. I particularly like the fact that there are two benches when you get to the center. I envision a kind of dance with two folks walking the labyrinth which is actually an interesting metaphor in its own right.

  2. pattyspencer 12/29/2011

    I agree - very magical. And if you stop and listen you'll hear the fairy folk talking.

  3. Joyce70 12/29/2011

    I just can't imagine how wonderful to find a spot like this on a walk. Such a peaceful setting.

  4. tractor1 12/29/2011

    I'm sure a lot of labor went into that creation but I don't find it calming at all... to me it conjures up visions sardonic rituals and an alter of human sacrifices.

  5. margoa 12/29/2011

    human sacrifice at an altar? really? to the contrary, you can almost hear the forest spirits' calming whispers inviting you to come in and escape the frenzy of modern life. Truly a beautiful, magical place.

  6. WilliamEthen 01/05/2012

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