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Stonework at Innisfree

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Photo/Illustration: Michelle Gervais

Innisfree Garden in Millbrook, New York, is one of my very favorite public gardens ever, and one of the reasons I love it so much is its stonework. Gorgeous, whimsical, intricate, monumental, it’s got it all. Here are just a few examples.

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Photo/Illustration: Michelle Gervais
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Photo/Illustration: Michelle Gervais
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Photo/Illustration: Michelle Gervais
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Photo/Illustration: Michelle Gervais


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  1. Deanneart 07/06/2011

    Wonderful, I really love stonework in gardens! I've never been to this garden and now must put it on my list of places I need to see.

  2. greenthumbs2 07/06/2011

    These photos are marvelous. I especially like the fourth one down. It looks like a relic of another period of time. It excites the imagination to move into whatever awaits at the top.

  3. Joyce70 07/06/2011

    I have just signed up for your daily picture feature. What a great way to start the day! Already I want to visit Innisfree Garden. Thanks for sharing this. Joyce70

  4. petuniababi 07/06/2011

    This makes me want to visit here.I love the stone work.

  5. gardengal42 07/06/2011

    Hello Just beautiful!! Joyce 70 , do you live in Maryland?

  6. arboretum 07/06/2011

    Have been to Innisfree once in july and it was a truly unusual and extraordinary place. A huge landscape with isolated vignettes of great rustic charm, soft beauty, and meditative peace. Akin to visiting an enormous museum with one painting in each room. They do have a website with wonderful photos. when we went, its season closed before fall; i hope that's no longer true as we now want to plan
    a trip there this fall!
    thanks michelle,

  7. Califus 07/07/2011

    I am just buying a house in New Mexico and this is the perfect type of landscape for one side of my property because I have a water canal running down that side, rock with ferns or other types of foliage growing out of it gives the effect of peace and a certain calmness to the area.

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