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Michelle’s garden in Connecticut, Day 1

The main planting bed, looking toward the pergola. That thalictrum on the left is soooooooo tall! Photo/Illustration: Michelle Gervais

Happy Monday, everyone! Let’s start the week off with a couple of days in my garden, shall we? ‘Cause lemme tell ya, it’s a JUNGLE out there! My containers are getting huge, the main planting bed is a tangled mess, and the tomatoes are forming nicely. I made a HUGE batch of pesto the other night, with tons more to go.

Um….yeah….I like purple. Photo/Illustration: Michelle Gervais

I do feel like everything’s getting a little autumn-messy a bit too early. It’s not even August! I’d appreciate any pointers on getting it back under control. Also included are a couple of my hubby’s newest creations, both big and small. More coming tomorrow….. Enjoy!

Catmint in the back, then purple perilla, then bronze fennel, and sage up front, with a few ‘Rozanne’ geranium flowers peeking through. Photo/Illustration: Michelle Gervais

See? I did it! You can, too! GO OUTSIDE AND TAKE SOME PHOTOS…… Email them to [email protected].

From another side of the main planting bed, with the Dutchman’s pipe on the pergola. Photo/Illustration: Michelle Gervais
Gotta love ‘Frances Williams’ hosta! Photo/Illustration: Michelle Gervais
These glass sculptures from Glass Gardens Northwest light up, and really brighten this shady corner! I’m completely in love with them. Photo/Illustration: Michelle Gervais
A dark elephant’s ear, heuchera blooms, and ‘Rozanne’ geranium in front. Photo/Illustration: Michelle Gervais
Backed off a bit, with black-eyed Susans and butterfly bush. Photo/Illustration: Michelle Gervais
Dutchman’s pipe, miscanthus, and ‘Diabolo’ ninebark. Photo/Illustration: Michelle Gervais
Red Abyssinian banana, ‘Black and Blue’ salvia, and coleus. Photo/Illustration: Michelle Gervais
Rob’s been having fun welding! Photo/Illustration: Michelle Gervais
Rob’s modern take on an Adirondack chair. Isn’t it cool? Photo/Illustration: Michelle Gervais


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  1. user-1020932 07/29/2013

    i LIKE jungles! all looks great to me and with this years rains in the east everything grew especially full and fast. dragonfly spoons, who woulda thunk it

  2. crizmo 07/29/2013

    Lots to like here. The elephant ear/coral bell combo is brilliant. I'd like to see an after dark photo of the Chihulyesque glass lamps lit up.

  3. Miyako 07/29/2013

    Finally! I have been saying for a while that she has to feature her own garden! Her garden always is vibrant, colorful, and playful. And I have seen it created from ground up! Thanks, michelle, for putting them on! Your garden deserves it!

  4. flowerladydi 07/29/2013

    Charming Michelle!,,,, yes,, the chair and spoons are great!

    Lots of Lush plants,,, love it!,,, love the glass lamps!

  5. Deanneart 07/29/2013

    Hey there, It's all looking great Michelle! Love the glass sculptures. I have one blue one and would like to get some more. I like your trio. Haven't all the tropical plants been in love with this hot humid weather this summer?

  6. User avater
    meander_michaele 07/29/2013

    Great plant choices + great combinations + great structures + great ornamentation = a great garden! Everything is so lush...interesting how this time of year, your shed looks so subdued in the background while the taller plants claim center stage. I adore the spoon dragonfly creation...I've never seen that idea before! Rob is definitely multi talented. What is the grass variety behind the very cool chair?

  7. User avater
    Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 07/29/2013

    Awesome! Wish I had time to write a couple of paragraphs. Look at your gunnera go! Love the lush garden. Love the chair. And you know I love the spoon dragonflies!

  8. jagardener 07/29/2013

    Its a toss up. Rob's creativity or the lush garden with the accessories to top it off. love everything.

  9. terieLR 07/29/2013

    This certainly is the year for picture taking. Our gardens are a jungle also. Keep pinching and pruning. I am shearing daylily back to the ground today for that second flush of green that looks great into the fall. Also I pull the lowest layer of hosta off to keep them looking perky.
    I love your plant combination Michelle and can't wait to see a close up of your containers. My eyes popped when I saw the dragonfly. Love them!
    Yay for Pesto! ;) ... you just can't get enough of it!

  10. tractor1 07/29/2013

    Michelle, your husband, Rob, is very creative, his spoon darning needle concept can easily become a Tiffany & Co. exclusive (brooch, pendant, earrings, etc.), perhaps he should patent his idea, and I'm positive the Guggenheim would feature his rendition of Neo-Adirondack furnishings. As to your jungle, since you asked, the best pointer I can offer is not to crowd, I used to do the same but with age come more aches and pains so I've learned it's far easier and to my eye more attractive to leave large expanses between plantings... the plants develop to their natural forms, are a lot easier to care for, and are easier on the eye... I much prefer the parked-out configuration to the neglected nursery appearance. I think you need a larger property, but only if you can control your predilection (WOTD) to fill every space. LOL I still love your little tool shed. With the wet weather this year I'm way behind with my garden maintenence too. Only last week has the ground dried enough for weeding and tilling the foundation beds around my house, and realized I need more pine bark nuggets, not easy to locate the large ones. I have an order in at a local nursery for twenty 3 cu ft bags, should arrive in about ten days... the large nuggets last five years, and keep the weeds at bay much better than the small nuggets. And the ground dried enough fr me to mow everything on Saturday, even my shady path through the woods and all the walking paths in my meadow, even the unsually wet areas around my pond... and just in time as it rained all day on Sunday.

  11. GrannyMay 07/29/2013

    The jungle look is my favourite, I love the look of yours Michelle. Good for Rob! I MUST get to the thrift shops and flea markets soon before all the old cutlery and pretty screen doors are sold! The wonderful creative ideas from GPOD are piling up in my head and not enough time to start trying them. Unlike you, we are experiencing drought here, no rain at all in July, no lushness, and hours watering every day just to keep things going. On the other hand, endless sunshine is cheery.

  12. sheila_schultz 07/29/2013

    Yikes! Your gardens and containers are a delicious riot of texture and color... I love the lush, almost out of control feel of your beds. So that's what you get with lots of rain and humidity, hmmmmmm. Actually, I laughed when I saw all the burgundy and purple, we could have teamed up at the nurseries this year! My containers could be placed around your yard and no one would guess that someone else had done the plant selection!

    Rob... your artistry never ends. Geez, you do beautiful work!

  13. user-7006902 07/29/2013

    LOVE the chair and welded creations! What beautiful combinations and colors. I am so fond of that dark purple against almost anything. It looks real, real fantastic! Again, the Dutchman's is a favorite. Thanks for sharing your wonderful garden.

  14. cwheat000 07/29/2013

    Looks great, Michelle! My fav combo is the banana, salvia, coleus;fabulous! My garden tends to get out of bounds this time of year as well. Your garden looks wonderful, so my advise is to embrace the jungle. That said, in my own garden, I plan on introducing more neat and tidy shrubs, and perhaps edging some beds in dwarf boxwood. On a different note,your husband is so creative AND productive (which may be even more important, lol).

  15. Wife_Mother_Gardener 07/29/2013

    Very nice combinations, Michelle! And I love the chair and its spot on the gravel! Great work!

  16. Zinnia1 07/29/2013

    Wow - what a wonderful and playful garden. Lots of personality in all of it. Loved the spoons!

  17. GardenersWK 07/29/2013

    I like all your combinations and definitely need to get my hands on that tall thalictrum and the purple leaf plants you have

  18. bee1nine 07/29/2013

    Michelle, A jungle? Everything looks mighty HAPPY to me!
    Got to hand it to ole Mother Nature for helping us along with
    the watering.
    If Rob ever decides to make more of those nifty dragonfly
    spoons, count me in to purchase!

  19. user-1020932 07/29/2013

    michelle, i think we all know you don't need any pointers! i always enjoy august as the month when each and every plant is screaming "look at me" we work our bacooties off all year and august is the month of wild abandon before winding down for fall. it all looks GREAT and i expect to see Rob with an ETSY site selling chairs and dragonflies! i'm also proud of me for saying "bacootie" instead of using my usual vocabulary.

  20. cooke 07/29/2013

    LOVE the chair and spoonflies. Oh, and the garden is nice too!

  21. wGardens 07/30/2013

    Looks Great, Michelle! Thanks for sharing. Gosh, better put me on the list to get some dragonflies too! Fab!

  22. sheila_schultz 07/30/2013

    tntreeman... you are so right, August IS the month of wild abandon for our gardens. Denver's gardens are running a bit late this year, but in 2 more weeks my gardens are going to be screaming 'Yes!' I do love it when even after all the primping and pruning our gardens go their own way. They are sometimes like teenagers!

  23. luvgardening 07/30/2013

    Wow to your garden. I am in love wth those darn creative. He got to patent those rite away. I love different and those flies just took it to another level. Thanks for sharing. Must have a pair of those flies for my garden.

  24. ancientgardener 07/30/2013

    Your "jungle" is lovely. Nice color combinations. Thalictrum is one of my absolute favorites and this has been a wonderful year for it - so tall and beautiful with its delicate flowers. Your husband's creations are delightful. I am envious. Thanks for sharing your garden with us. We each have our unique style and that's what makes gardening fun.

  25. user-7007663 06/19/2015

    I realize this is an older post, but just have to say I'm loving those spoon dragonflies! Great idea...

  26. logoworkgloves 06/30/2015

    You have such a beautiful garden. I wonder how your glass sculpture looks like in the eve. I'm sure it is even more wonderful view. :-)

  27. user-7008099 06/01/2016

    Would LOVE more information on that incredible adirondack chair! My backyard is lusting after one! Thank you!

  28. user-7033972 03/08/2018

    I love that adirondack chair, any chance I could get the plans. Really want to make one. thanks.

    1. User avater
      CAlexander 03/08/2018

      We're working on it - stay tuned!

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