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Lovey’s peaceful pond in Pennsylvania

Today’s photos are from Lovey Scully in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Lovey says, “Our house has lots of flowers, hostas, and shrubs everywhere. We have a lot of birds making their home in our backyard because of the trees, shrubs, flowers, and waterfall into the koi pond. Although we live in a development, our back yard is a secluded place of peace. These are pictures of the koi pond, which is right out of my kitchen ( I watch them from my sink!), and the garden surrounding it.”

Lovely, Lovey! (See what I did there? Ha! Like you haven’t heard that before….) There’s nothing like gazing into a beautiful koi pond–one of the most relaxing things in the world. Thanks so much for sharing with us!

Keep sending in photos of your gardens, everyone!

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  1. perenniallycrazy 08/13/2014

    There's nothing like the sight, sound and coolness of water to make a zenlike retreat. This made even better by their proximity to your kitchen. Lucky you Lovey! Thanks for sharing a glimpse of your sanctuary with us.

  2. User avater
    meander_michaele 08/13/2014

    What a special jewel your pond feature is. Lovey. It looks so perfectly nestled in your property as if Mother Nature put it and the surrounding plantings there herself. The stone bridge is such a handsome finishing touch and I'll bet kids particularly love the fun of crossing over it. The rest of your garden areas are equally beautiful and it all seems like a place of exceptional serenity.

  3. User avater
    Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 08/13/2014

    Marvelous back yard! I can't tell you how jealous I am. The stones, the plantings, the water, and the Koi! Apparently you don't have herons and raccoons around?

  4. NCYarden 08/13/2014

    POND ENVY!! How nice, especially so close to the home. The stones are fantastic. It reminds me of the woodland creeks I played in as a child near our home, so thank you for the nostalgia. Wonderful plantings as well. In the 4th pic with the sharp view of the Koi, what is the tree/shrub in the background on the right - Acer shirasawanum? - awesome texture. Great garden, and even in the kitchen I bet you can't wait to step right outside.

  5. user-178447 08/13/2014

    What a beautiful setting! It must be so peaceful to sit near the koi pond. It must have been a true labor of love to install that pond and surrounding hard scape. I can't believe you live in a development, you made it a special place.
    Can you tell me which purple cone flower you have growing in your garden and the same for the white daisy. I assume they are in bloom now. I like how tall they are, giving a real statement to the garden. I used to have a white Shasta daisy that grew about 30" tall.

  6. greengenes 08/13/2014

    Well Lovely, you have a wonderful little spot in the midst of a development. I would think it is in England somewhere! It is very well done with natural looking rocks and their pacement. It seems like a quiet little retreat! Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  7. GrannyMay 08/13/2014

    Beautiful! Lovey did you create this peaceful and private garden? With the rocks and water, outdoor art, lush greenery and colourful flowers, it certainly has all the elements one could want for relaxing indoors or out.

    Those koi are amazing! How do you protect them from predators? What do you do with them in the winter?

  8. sheila_schultz 08/13/2014

    Everything about your yard whispers serenity and peacefulness. Absolutely beautiful, Lovey.

  9. hontell 08/13/2014

    I love rocks, and Lovey, the rocks around your pond are awesome. The rest of your yard ain't to shabby either. The neighbors should all be jealous

  10. schatzi 08/13/2014

    Wow! Gorgeous yard. I love all the stone work, especially the stone bridge. That is awesome. Here's one you haven't heard, Lovey. I have a beloved cat named Lovey Ninja! Because when I told the vet I was going to name him Lovey, she said "Lovey?" And I said, "how about Lovey Ninja? It describes his split personality?!" He is a gorgeous long silky haired tiger cat with a tail like a feather duster. He would love lolling in the shade, watching
    your koi.

  11. GrannyCC 08/13/2014

    The pond and Koi are beautiful as is the rest of the yard. We have herons and racoons here so it is hard to keep fish. The perennial beds are so full and luscious. Very delightful.

  12. terieLR 08/13/2014

    Beautiful post Lovey. Thank you for inviting us to peek.

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