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Love in Bloom

Love is in the garden indeed! Thanks Susan and Richard for sharing some Hollywood glam with us! Enjoy the tour!

"Our Japanese Tea Garden has once again (4th) year participated in the North Dearborn Association (NDA) 57th annual garden walk in Chicago on Sunday, July 19, 2015.  The garden was transformed for the benefit of hundreds of garden lovers viewing various gardens participating in the NDA garden walk.  The theme was Love In Bloom, a Garden Wedding. Our garden was lucky enough to be chosen for a vignette display, decorated for this year’s theme by 2 wonderful volunteer Chicago area designers.  

The story behind the vignette is a Hollywood love story, Bogart and Bacall.  Setting: Lauren Bacall’s private Bridal Dressing Suite.  The wooden bathtub was filled with 9 dozen floating roses for that romantic touch.  A significant change to our Japanese garden since our last visit…the very tall evergreen succumbed to the harsh winter weather and was replaced 2 years ago with a lovely Katsura. Our much loved rain chain water feature is near the brick wall to the side of the Katsura, joined by a climbing hydrangea bloomed for the 2nd year.  We added a gorgeous orange honeysuckle over the smaller bamboo wall topped by small beds containing white petunia, english ivy and fountain grass.  Best, Susan and Richard."

p.s., in case you missed it, we've peeked in before here!

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  1. perenniallycrazy 07/23/2015

    Oh what fun! Looks like you two and your city really know how to throw a garden party. Thanks for checking in again, you have certainly added a lot of spice to my day.

  2. User avater
    meander_michaele 07/23/2015

    What a delightful thing to be a part of. Had to be such a kick to see all elements come together and create the ambiance of days gone by. Without a doubt, the proportions and privacy of your special garden room were perfect for the air of intimacy this particular vignette required. So nice of you to participate.

  3. annek 07/23/2015

    What fun! Bogie and Bacall represent such a romantic backdrop for your garden vignette. (And, oh my, that bathtub full of roses! Incredible). I'm fascinated with your Katsura as I just purchased one this spring. I only hope mine grows into as lovely a specimen as the one that graces your garden

  4. User avater
    Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 07/23/2015

    That's pretty entertaining! If I were you, I'd have been begging to keep the tub as a reward for opening your lovely sanctuary. Did they have to schlepp al of that stuff through your house to get back there, or is there a gate that I missed? Sounds like a very fun and different way to do a garden tour.

  5. NCYarden 07/23/2015

    Congratulations on being a part of the garden festivities again. Gardens may be our private refuges, but there is always an element that yearns for them to be shared. And how fun to have your garden additionally dressed up. I think the tub full of rose blooms looks so cool. Looking back at your previous post, I really like the lighting you have in your garden. Tea please.

  6. eddireid 07/23/2015

    The last ten minutes or so have been spent scrolling through both sets of pictures and I think maybe I worked out how the designer hid those heat pumps! So very clever. Both stages are just delightful and the whole concept from NDA is brilliant. This must have been a great fundraiser and a huge compliment to you that your own garden has been the setting so often.
    There is nothing individual which I can choose as a favorite - it is all beautifully designed, but I do absolutely love the Katsura tree!

  7. susanwsusan 07/24/2015

    Thank you all for your comments. Yes, there is a garden gate. Many thanks to Milieu Design and Janessa James Interiors, LLC. for their enthusiasm and talents. Everyone wanted that tub!

  8. Cenepk10 07/24/2015

    Ahhhh... Baths to soak in.... Very lovely ( and a lot of work )

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