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close up of light pink and white Rosellas Dream lily

Today’s photos are from Mary Murphy in Minnetonka, Minnesota. We’ve visited her garden before (More Blooms From Mary), and today she’s focusing on her lily collection.

Here are some photos of my lilies (Lilium hybrids, Zones 3–8). I have gradually added to my collection over the years.

close up of deep pink Tiny Pearl liliesI started with this variety, Lilium ‘Tiny Pearl’.

close up of red Tiny Rocket liliesI loved that lily so much I got ‘Tiny Rocket.’ Both of these are compact varieties that stay less than 2 feet tall.

close up of more pink and red rosesA few unnamed lilies were the next additions.

close up of pink lily bloomsA gorgeous rich pink . . . 

close up of deep red lily. . . and an incredible dark burgundy-red

close up of light pink and white Rosellas Dream lilyThe amazing ‘Rosella’s Dream’ was next.

close up of light pink Foxtrot lilyThis delicate pink is called ‘Foxtrot’.

close up of Netties Pride white lily with deep pink spots in center‘Nettie’s Pride’ boasts dark spots against the white petals.

close up of white Casa Blanca oriental lily

The final lily is ‘Casa Blanca’. Unlike the others, this is an oriental lily, with incredible fragrance.

All these lilies bloom at the same time, creating so much beauty. The daylilies will be starting next!


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  1. MohawkValley 07/14/2023

    Very nice ! Lilies certainly expand the color spectrum , almost beyond one's imagination at times . Keep up the great work . Peace from the Mohawk Valley in NYS .

    1. murphymk1 07/14/2023

      Thanks for the nice comment!

  2. btucker9675 07/14/2023

    Lilies have such gorgeous colors and yours are no exception. So pretty! Mine were lovely this year, and the day lilies have been outdoing themselves. Your Rosella's Dream and Casa Blanca are especially beautiful.

    1. murphymk1 07/14/2023

      Thank you!

  3. User avater
    simplesue 07/14/2023

    You sure know what you are doing to grow lilies so big, healthy and gorgeous!

    1. murphymk1 07/14/2023

      Thank you! They do it themselves!

  4. User avater
    vanhatalosuomi 07/15/2023

    We grow lilies here too, and love them very much. Not in love with the lily red beetle which arrived a year or two after I planted the first group of lilies in the garden.
    Now, it's a yearly battle to keep ahead of their damage. I am hesitant to add any further varieties due to the beetle and my limited time to monitor any more than we the ones we already have. If I was to add any others, it would be the late blooming fragrant varieties. Thanks for sharing your garden!

  5. Saskia7 07/26/2023

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