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Let it Snow!

Susan Gregory shared her snowy garden photos from last month. With the forecast this week, I bet many of you have similar photos you'd like to share! Send them on to me at [email protected] or tag them with #FineGardening on social media!

"I woke up Xmas eve to several inches of snow. I love the way it clung to everything & transformed a weary garden into something magical!"

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  1. Chefin1950 01/22/2016

    The (seed) heads with their pointed snow caps are really cute. I feel like adding little red pompoms to the end of each. Hee-hee!

  2. diane_lasauce 01/22/2016

    Today I sit in the eye of this east coast nor'easter and am looking at 24-36 inches of blowing snow...not good for the garden, wild birds, or my back. Wish me luck fellow gardeners. Susan, your garden snaps are pretty...Diane

    1. User avater
      Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 01/22/2016

      Be careful getting cleared out, Diane!

      1. diane_lasauce 01/22/2016

        Thanks Tim. My drive is too narrow for a plow, so what doesn't kill me makes me stronger, yes? ;-)

        1. user-6111518 01/22/2016

          Diane, surely your drive is wide enough for a smaller snow removal machine. Perhaps you could hire someone. Your local hardware store may know someone. Getting older and recognizing my age related limitations, I also find it beneficial to bundle up and clear the drive and sidewalk and steps as the snow accumulates, rather than facing 12-24" all at once. Clearing just a couple of inches is so much easier and faster. Of course it all depends on whether it's safe to be outside during the snow storm. I call it working smarter, not harder!

          1. diane_lasauce 01/22/2016

            Great minds think alike, Cynthia. I am ready to begin sweeping paths and driveway as the event begins, then follow up with a ergonomic shovel borrowed from my neighbor. The younger folks around here take full advantage of folks in need of help, and they become highway robbers. I learned that the hard way in 2009.

          2. user-6111518 01/23/2016

            Well, it's here! I dont know about you Diane, but it was impossible to keep up with the snow. A person has to sleep, lol, and most of the snow fell overrnight. Outside of Baltimore, Maryland, we are officially snowed in. Wind gusts have the snow half way up the glass doors to my deck. Gardens are looking magical. Nice contrast between the drifts of snow and the dried remnants of tall perennials and grasses in my gardens. Hoping to get some good photos after the snow stops falling from the sky.

          3. diane_lasauce 01/23/2016

            Good luck Cynthia. Hope you have a resident shoveler.
            I was in a fine mood, shoveling every few hours yesterday and enjoyed the brisk air. Today, I was optimistic, even though I had blizzard conditions all day today, until I noticed that my neighbor hired some goober to plow, and some behemoth farm tractor with an equally large plow blade came down the road just past my entrance. Now I have a 5' wall of hard frozen snow at the mouth of my driveway!!!
            Yesterday I had cleared down to the road with my single shovel. This, on the other hand, is impossible to tackle. And I refuse to hire highway robbers...perhaps I will get out by May.

            Good luck with your storm. I am more than ready for spring! D.

    2. User avater
      meander_michaele 01/22/2016

      Diane, is your area being forecast to have above freezing temps after the big snow dump? If so, then you will have a partner in Mother Nature in getting rid of the snow. I hope you don't have to work too hard. One of the things I like about where I live in TN (a bit south of Knoxville) is that we can get a pretty snow covering but it doesn't usually stay around for long.

      1. diane_lasauce 01/22/2016

        Thanks for your cheering section Meander. Yes, 40's forecast for next week, yet the driveway must be hand cleared by moi! Heavy, wet, damaging (to my trees) snow. Normally we have few big storms here in central VA. 21" in 2009 right before Christmas. Not fun. 20 F forecast until Monday. Diane

        1. User avater
          meander_michaele 01/22/2016

          Oh, yes, Diane, every time that weather map comes up, we see how the Charlottesville area is definitely ground zero. We have some good friends who live in Free Union who I stay in stay in email contact with so I know what you are in for! Please don't be over ambitious. I know from all your beautiful garden pictures that you are a "doer" but please, pace yourself!

          1. diane_lasauce 01/23/2016

            Indeed, pace is the key. All my shoveling yesterday is now covered with a foot of blowing snow. Four foot drifts presently, and lucky to still have power!
            Will keep birds in water and food best I can, as snow blows into feeders and covers food. Poor birds.
            I gave up on the boxwoods. Brushed them three times yesterday, yet now they are hammered to the ground along with the yew. Oh, well.
            Similar to rushing water, I must now just step aside until this blizzard gives up.

          2. User avater
            meander_michaele 01/23/2016

            I know plants can be remarkably resilient and I so hope that will be the case for your boxwoods and yews. Maybe when it's all over and done with and spring pruning time comes around, you will have an opportunity for some interesting other words, making lemonade out of lemons.

    3. wGardens 01/22/2016

      Hey, Diane. Best Wishes. Where are you located?

      1. diane_lasauce 01/22/2016

        Hey Margaret, thanks for the good wishes. I am just outside Charlottesville, VA or central VA. Looks like I am right in the bull's eye for 24" of accumulation. My pal in NC says he has sleet right now, so that too is headed this way. Oo, la, la.

        1. wGardens 01/22/2016

          My nephew and his family are in Charlottesville.
          Gads, hope you don't get any damage. Take good care, and again, best wishes!!

          1. diane_lasauce 01/22/2016

            The birds are even hunkering down! Snow began minutes ago and already blowing and enlarging flakes! Wheee!

    4. sheila_schultz 01/22/2016

      Be safe Diane, fingers crossed you'll get lucky and the snow will be lighter than expected!

      1. diane_lasauce 01/22/2016

        Thank you Shelia...snow began 10 minutes ago. Ready indoors, while the power remains on. Now for the outside. D.

    5. Meelianthus 01/22/2016

      So sorry for your impending doom and so hope it won't last long. Is it very cold there also? We have just had two days of torrential rains and now today it is 50 degrees and windy - go figure!
      Unfortunately this is the disastrous combination for us when trees start falling down. Good luck to you Diane and stay warm.

  3. User avater
    Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 01/22/2016

    That fluffy snow in still weather is the best!

    1. sheila_schultz 01/22/2016

      Often our snow is so light that we can blow it off with a leaf blower... beats the heavy stuff but then we don't get the moisture.

      1. User avater
        Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 01/22/2016

        Snow clearing can be the worst! I love a dry snow when the ground is cold because then I can just sweep the sidewalks with a broom. Although truth be told, I'd love to find some ideal climate (to me) where it freezes hard enough to kill bugs and let bulbs, lilacs and peonies grow well, but never snow!

        1. sheila_schultz 01/22/2016

          Let me know if you find that place, Tim!

          1. User avater
            Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 01/22/2016

            I'm guessing if we head to Camelot, where it never rains until after sundown, and then head north, we'll be there.

          2. sheila_schultz 01/22/2016

            Like it!

  4. Cenepk10 01/22/2016

    Cant stand winter

  5. User avater
    meander_michaele 01/22/2016

    Your imagery made me smile, Marsha...yes, the seed heads would be transformed into a gathering of garden elves. Lovely pictures, Susan.

  6. User avater
    HelloFromMD 01/22/2016

    Hi Diane, I too am looking at 2-3 feet of snow. Three people and only 2 snow shovels. My husband tried to get another in a nearby small town. Ace Hardware sold 700 and were sold out by the time my husband got there. The next shipment of 400 were gone before the end of the next workday. So I guess we will dig out in shifts. Didn't know there were that many people in town. Why didn't any of them have shovels? When I grew up here the population was around 1,300 and now its over 9,000. So many new developments tucked around. My rural location is changing so much.

    1. GrannyMay 01/22/2016

      Good luck and don't overdo it if you're not used to shoveling snow. Your situation reminds me of 1996, when we suddenly had a massive unexpected snowstorm here. It literally shut down everything, and only the few people with snowmobiles or skis were able to get around until, very gradually, the main roads began to be cleared. Our snow is infrequent and usually melts pretty quickly, so people are not at all prepared to have to shovel it. They were using everything from garden shovels to brooms to baking sheets!

  7. annek 01/22/2016

    Ahhh, the weary garden comment certainly struck home, Susan. We're fortunate that the snowy icing dresses it up so prettily.

  8. wGardens 01/22/2016

    Somewhere in our gardens, no matter the time of year, we can find beauty. That last shot is especially nice!

  9. sheila_schultz 01/22/2016

    Snow can be so beautiful, especially when viewed out the window!

  10. GrannyCC 01/22/2016

    Good Luck with all the snow. I am sure you will have lots of lovely pictures next week.

  11. GrannyMay 01/22/2016

    Thanks for sharing these lovely snowy moments, Susan. Though snow can be pretty, i'm glad we don't often have to deal with the nastier effects of too much of it at once.

    I hope everyone caught up in that nasty storm on the east coast is managing to stay warm and safe.

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