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Less can be more in containers

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Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Lynn Felici-Gallant

Lest you think Lynn Felici-Gallant only designs window boxes (see yesterday’s post), check out this simple, gorgeous container she designed with just ‘Belle Blanche’ datura (Datura metel ‘Belle Blanche’, Zone 11) and tall verbena (Verbena bonariensis, Zones 7-11). Both plants are easy to grow and super-tough, perfect for a busy sidewalk. And the purple blooms of the tall verbena echo the hints of purple in the white datura blooms.

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  1. Deanneart 06/24/2011

    Brillilant composition. Really love the greens of the datura harmonizing with the green colors of the building and the contrast between the bold, large datura foliage and the airy, delicate foliage of the verbena. Beautiful!

  2. sheilaschultz 06/24/2011

    Absolutely stunning, less is definitely more with this combo. It must have been a jaw-dropper at the end of the season! I'm making a note for next season ;)

  3. KariLonning 06/24/2011

    Love how she kept it clean and non-fussy. The viewer gets to enjoy these distinctly different plants, and their attributes.

  4. sheilaschultz 06/24/2011

    Lynn, btw I missed yesterday's post... you do beautiful work with both containers and window boxes. I agree, window boxes can be tricky, there's something about rectangular planters that require more thought. Thanks for the great photos and ideas.

  5. paiya 06/24/2011

    Beautiful striking arrangement BUT I worry about it being on a public sidewalk because all parts of datura are poisonous - potent hallucinogenic drug

  6. cactusorchid 06/24/2011

    It is lovely but the poison aspect is really serious with datura. We have stopped growing it anywhere that children and pets go.

  7. sheilaschultz 06/24/2011

    I understand your consideration with poisonous plants, but from my life perspective everything i do revolves around my young grandchildren and my dog. So far... none of them have eaten a part of one of my container plants. My German Shepherd does chew on my Viburnam 'Korean Spice' when she needs ??? She and my Grandbabe's remain healthy.

  8. LynnFG 06/25/2011

    Hello all, though this is Michelle's blog, I thought I'd chime in to thank you for the kind comments on this planting. I'm especially impressed that Deanneart picked up on the harmonizing of colors with the building, and the juxtaposition of large and airy foliage. Thank you for noticing. Lynn

  9. SherylAZ 06/25/2011

    I'm with Sheilaschultz - so many plants are poisonous. Even edibles -tomato leaves/stems are poisonous,as are Rhubarb leaves.

    The upside are that so many of these have very unappetizing scents. Datura leaves and stems *stink* - just brushing against them raises the odor.

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