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Have you ever seen such a chic bromeliad?
Photo/Illustration: Brittany Leandra

Kokedama is an art form that evolved in Japan, in which bonsai were cultivated in a sort of decorative rootball and enjoyed free-standing. The moss-bundled plants make lovely accents indoors, especially as modern kokedama makers now use tropicals and exotics in addition to the traditional bonsai. Though they appear delicate, kokedama pieces are quite easy to care for, according to their makers: you’d care for a moss-enveloped bromeliad as you would any other potted bromeliad. The clever and crafty can probably put one of these together in no time, but the lesser-skilled can purchase assembled kokedama online. Charlotte Catherine’s products, one of which is pictured above, come in a wide range of styles, complete with care instructions for maximum lifetime ( I’m pretty sure I spotted one at Terrain of Westport, Conn. not long ago, though the online store does not seem to carry the plants.

If anyone knows of other kokedama makers, tell us in a comment below!

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  1. RGlembocki 12/31/2012

    Hi Antonio,
    I am making these fun string garden plantings at home. I am also giving a workshop Jan 2013, in the Hudson Valley NY. City Planter in Philadelphia also sells these in their shop and online.
    I bet you will see lots more in the near future!
    Here is a link to mine.....
    Take care and Happy New Year,
    Rebecca Glembocki
    gardening in the hudson valley
    co-founder Hudson Valley Garden Association

  2. user-7006916 01/02/2013

    Very nice Rebecca! I love the way yours hang on string.

  3. klm422 01/02/2013

    I have recently really gotten into these myself! I have also recently started making them and selling them online here:

    Soon I hope to have more different plants listed.

  4. user-7007963 03/02/2016

    For a class assignment, we're growing plants from seeds, and I've searched but can't find an answer: Can kokedamas be grown from seeds? Every how-to I've found includes already grown plants.

  5. akkipanwar12 05/01/2019

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