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Jackie’s lakeside garden in Ontario

Today's photos are from Jackie Wreford, who says, " These are photos of my garden on the southwestern shore of Lake Huron in southern Ontario. I've been gardening this 1/4 acre of land overlooking the lake for 25 years. The soil is clay, which is a good host to my daylilies, hostas, hydrangeas, cranesbills, hakonechloa grass, ferns, butterfly bushes, etc. I use no pesticides or herbicides, but do amend the soil with compost. Our seven birdhouses are full each year and chipmunks, rabbits, and a couple garter snakes make their homes in this rural setting. The garden has been host to several weddings and many happy occasions. I am a passionate gardener, striving to bring new ballance and beauty to the garden each year. Thank you for letting me share my special place with you." Thank YOU, Jackie. Your garden is beautiful! I can almost feel the breeze off the water, smell the flowers, and hear the plants rustling in the wind.

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  1. perenniallycrazy 08/11/2014

    Wow, I'm loving all that gold foliage against the sky and lakeside views Jackie. Great garden!

  2. User avater
    Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 08/12/2014

    I agree with Cherry: the lake is a perfect foil for your garden. I see a lot of my favorite plants and like the meandering layout.

  3. wGardens 08/12/2014

    Indeed! A very special garden! Wish it were close enough so I could visit in person. Thank you for sharing your lovely gardens with us.

  4. NCYarden 08/12/2014

    Way to pack a space! The garden is lovely, and the lake provides a wonderful contrast and an infinite feel to the garden.

  5. OuiserThatsMe 08/12/2014

    Just Beautiful!!!!!

  6. greengenes 08/12/2014

    Green and more green! I love your gardens, Jackie! And the lake as a backdrop just sets it all off! Nice job! Thanks for sharing your special place with all of us!

  7. User avater
    meander_michaele 08/12/2014

    You have a truly beautiful property, Jackie, and, oh, my, your gardens have certainly benefited from your 25 years of love and dedication to them. It seems much larger than 1/4 of an acre because of the effect of having various "rooms". I am always a fan of using lawn as a unifying element that invites one to walk about and take in all those lovely beds filled with pleasing plants combinations. Your hydrangeas seem particularly lush and so full of blooms. Does being on the lake have a modifying effect on your planting zone?

  8. Spring_y 08/12/2014

    Bellissimo! Beautiful. I'm in love with this place, it looks like an Italian villa.

  9. wittyone 08/12/2014

    What a beautiful area you have created. Your time has certainly been well spent. I love your curvy beds and little pathways. I can see why you've hosted those weddings----what a perfect setting!

  10. GrannyCC 08/12/2014

    Lovely garden. Amazing to see all the bird houses and i am sure the birds are very happy in them.. Love the vistas out to the lake. Just wish I could enlarge the photos to see more detail. Does anyone know someway to do this?

    1. GrannyMay 08/12/2014

      On my laptop I hold down the Ctrl key while pressing the + sign. Each time I do this the entire contents of the screen is enlarged by some percentage. You can't enlarge by much because it is like a digital zoom and only makes things larger, not more detailed. Sometimes it helps a bit.

      I totally forgot to say that I love your garden too Jackie. Just wish we could make out the details more!

      1. greengenes 08/12/2014

        Oh thankyou GrannyMay.. I will try this!

  11. dixonmontgomery 08/12/2014

    Beautiful garden on a beautiful site. Wish the social media logos didn't cover up the descriptions.

  12. christianesterges 08/12/2014

    gosh .;; you're really spoilt .... the site is marvellous and you have added a welldesigned amount of even more tasteful beauty ... jealous greetings from Brussels ...

  13. sheila_schultz 08/12/2014

    Jackie, your beautiful gardens are so peaceful and the perfect setting for a summer wedding. Lucky brides and birds!

  14. Meelianthus 08/12/2014

    Jackie, you have created a beautiful wonderland on a lovely property that seems much larger than 1/4 acre. What a masterful job you have done and your love of gardening really shines through. Your combinations are stunning and what fun to have all of your birdhouses full of tenants. Everything is so lush and I see something new each time I look at the pictures. Thank you for sharing your joy.

  15. greengenes 08/12/2014

    Jackie, is that a gold thread cypress? I really like the evergreen! Or should I say evergold!

  16. eddireid 08/13/2014

    Your garden with that stunning view of the lake as a backdrop, is truly beautiful. I particularly like all the shades of green with the white accents of the flowers and the occasional splash of color. So very peaceful - just my kind of place. Of course yours is tidy and weeded - mine is not! Thank you so much for sharing.

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