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Highlighting a gorgeous tree

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Photo/Illustration: Michelle Gervais

I stumbled upon this little stairway vignette a few years ago on a garden tour hosted by Tangletown Gardens in Minneapolis. I love how the white pots harmonize with the birch’s bark, and how the designer kept the plantings understated but still interesting. The tree is gorgeous – why not try to play up its best feature rather than use it simply as a backdrop?

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  1. gottagarden 03/24/2011

    A charming little vignette! It's the details that make a garden; I would certainly pause on my way up the steps to appreciate this lovely scene.

  2. BuilderMan01 03/24/2011

    I love the contrast between the round, smooth trunks of the tree and the square edge, rock faced texture on the stone steps. Subtle and effective contrast!

  3. user-7006900 03/24/2011

    I love birch trees! Hope to have room for one someday... and beside the stairs is a great idea instead of just using a space filling evergreen.

  4. Stoatley 03/24/2011


  5. planteater 03/24/2011

    This is very pretty. I have to tell you my tree story. I had a simple Bradford Pear in my yard and when it was about 5 years old I decided to record via photo the seasons with the tree. So in the very early spring I took a photo, and snipped off a blossom and put this in album and pressed the blossom. In the summer I took a photo, and snipped off a heart shaped leaf and tiny pear and pressed it with the photo in my photo album. In the fall I took the beautiful orange/red leaf photo of the tree and kept a leaf. In the winter I took two pix. One was when every leaf was gone and the tree bare, and I saved a dried brown leaf and then we had a bad snow, so I took a snow pix (in SC that's a wonderful thing). That was about 20 years ago. The tree fell one of our hurricanes, but I have the seasons of the tree and I love to look back on it and so does everyone else.

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