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Heather’s garden in Massachusetts

Photo: Courtesy of Heather Halsey

Today’s photos are from Heather Halsey in Sudbury, Massachusetts. Heather says, “I have been gardening for about 10 years, starting in my tiny apartment city garden to my now one-acre yard in Sudbury. I just love it.

Here you will see a large goldthread cypress, ‘Limelight’ hydrangea, phlox, aster, elderberry, bluebeard, yucca, Japanese maple, dwarf pine, mums, variegated dogwood bush, rose of sharon and butterflybush. Photo: Courtesy of Heather Halsey

“I am a stay-at-home mother of two kids, a boy and girl. They help me in the garden and they both know almost all of the plants and bushes by name. I even heard my 8-year-old son once look at an urn and identify ‘the thriller, the filler, and the spiller.’ I am still very much an amateur…learning how to split, propagate, and prune for the best results. I love to talk about, think about, and dream about gardening.

Photo: Courtesy of Heather Halsey

“I love watching my children grow and develop into wonderful people…every year they are alive, they get better and better. I have found gardening to be similar to the nurturing experience I have as a mother–the more you put into it the more you get out of it.”

Photo: Courtesy of Heather Halsey

So true, Heather. And if my daughter ever points out the thriller, filler, and spiller, I think I’ll pass out from the joy! In addition to your beautiful plantings, I must say that I covet your clean, crisp edges. How the heck do you do that??

Photo: Courtesy of Heather Halsey
Photo: Courtesy of Heather Halsey
Photo: Courtesy of Heather Halsey
Photo: Courtesy of Heather Halsey

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  1. User avater
    meander_michaele 10/26/2012

    Heather, your children are going to have earned their PhD. in fine gardening by adolescence...sounds like they have the perfect learning environment...literally and figuratively!
    Your garden is beautiful with lovely combinations and some impressive backdrop evergreens. Your first photo is a perfect example of everything that is have a great eye for balance and color.

  2. hobbit2 10/26/2012

    Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed your photos very much. I have to ask about the mums in the containers. Are these miniatures? Did you start from cuttings and keep them small or is this an optical illusion? I also love your wonderful crisp edgings on your beds.

  3. tractor1 10/26/2012

    Ms. Neat lives here! Heather, your labors of love shine through. I really like all your various conifers. What looks like a Norway spruce behind your basketball hoop is magnificent. Thank you for sharing.

    Maple dropping leaves.

  4. tractor1 10/26/2012


  5. tractor1 10/26/2012


  6. tractor1 10/26/2012


  7. pattyspencer 10/26/2012

    Really really nice garden. You're children will reap what you sow!! Looking forward to seeing many more pictures from you in the future.

  8. terieLR 10/26/2012

    There's NO stopping you now Heather! Congratulations on creating an beautiful 'playground' for your family. I predict you will to be propagating & pruning for years to come with the excellent choices you have placed in your gardens. Hooray for making those dreams come true.

  9. tractor1 10/26/2012

    A better picture:

  10. TeriCA 10/26/2012

    Hi Heather, what a beautiful garden and I truly envy the time you get to spend with your kids in this mini-Eden. What a gift to all of you. It brings back nice memories of pruning our orchard when the kids were not young adults!

    Michelle, I have a request, sometimes the plants are identified by the submitter,and sometimes not. Is there anyway for you to identify some of the plants when they are not done by the author, for those of us who are true "apprentices"?? Thanks,

  11. MichelleGervais 10/26/2012

    TeriCA--I'll do my best. Sometimes I feel as if I am Seymour and the GPOD is Audrey II... :-)
    I do encourage every gardener I feature to stop in throughout the day their garden is featured to answer questions.

  12. TeriCA 10/26/2012

    LOL....Thank you and have a great day!!

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