Guide to Seed Catalogs 2018 – Part 1

Spring is coming and that means it’s time to get prepped for the growing season. There are many seed catalogs available for 2018.  Fine Gardening put together this guide to seed catalogs so that you can more easily compare and sign up for what you want!


2018 Seed Catalogs, Listed Alphabetically


Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds 

  • Baker Creek has a wonderful and large selection of heirloom seeds and wonderful color photos to make it easy to want everything pictured.
  • In business since 1998.
  • Their stock includes many Asian and European varieties.
  • Catalog also available online in pdf format.



Bluestone Perennials

  • Bluestone grows and ships over 1,000 varieties of fine perennials, shrubs, mums, and ornamental grasses all grown in plantable earth friendly pots.
  • All plants are 100% guaranteed to grow and thrive.
  • Family owned since 1972.
  • Their website also often offers sales and specials.




  • Burpee has an extensive online store that makes purchasing seeds pretty straightforward.
  • Burpee ‘Cooks Garden’ seed collection offers many varieties of vegetables and fruits for growing your own food.




 Hudson Valley Seed Company

  • Hudson Valley started as a seed library out of Gardiner, New York in 2004 where members could ‘check out seeds,’ grow the plants at home, and then ‘return’ the seeds at the end of the season from their adult plants. Pretty neat, huh?
  • They have since expanded their operation into a full fledged seed company offering many heirloom and open-pollinated varieties of flowers, vegetables, and herbs.
  • Their seeds are certified organic and many come in decorated ‘art packs’.


Johnny’s Selected Seeds

  • A favorite of many gardeners in the Northeast and elsewhere, Johnny’s Selected Seeds began in 1975 in New Hampshire, and has grown leaps and bounds since then.
  • Johnny’s offers a wide variety of vegetables, flowers, herbs, and fruits.
  • They work to create new varieties each year.


John Scheepers Seeds

  • Possibly the oldest seed company on our list, John Scheepers seeds date back to 1878 when it was begun by its’ namesake in the Netherlands.
  • John Scheepers specialized in Dutch bulbs throughout the 20th century and has expanded their brand to include ‘Kitchen Garden Seeds‘ including many heirloom vegetable varieties, herbs, annuals and perennials, in addition to the many varieties of bulbs they’ve always offered.
  • John Scheepers can count Eleanore Roosevelt among its’ fans; she sent a letter to the horticulturist expressing her admiration.


Native Seeds/Search 

  • Native Seeds/Search is a nonprofit seed conservation bank that is based out of Tuscon, Arizona.
  • They are dedicated to preserving endangered traditional seeds in the Southwestern United States and ensuring biodiversity in crops.
  • They currently offer over 500 varieties from their collection, grown at their conservation farm in Arizona including several different varieties of beans, squash, and corn.
  • All seeds are open-pollinated.
  • The offer free seeds to Native Americans who request them.


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