Giving Back Through Gardening

by Danielle Sherry and Steve Aitken, edited by Christine Alexander

Like many of you, the staff of Fine Gardening has been touched by the selfless heroics of  frontline medical workers battling the COVID-19 pandemic. We will never be able to thank those doctors and nurses who are putting themselves at great risk to care for our friends and family members who have fallen ill during this unprecedented event.

When the opportunity came up to help an emergency room nurse in the Northeast plan and plant a new garden at her home, we were all for it. Dreaming about the potential of this blank canvas has helped Karen get through this challenging time, but she needed help. What started as a general call for ideas from the FG audience turned into our decision to design the garden for Karen, buy and solicit donations for the plants, and—when stay-at-home orders allow—install the new landscape. We may not be able to provide PPEs (personal protective equipment) to this deserving nurse, but we can provide a plan, plants, and energy to help brighten her day.

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    TimVaughn 05/08/2020

    Thanks for sharing this article!

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    AnnaMartinez 05/09/2020

    I like this post!

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